15. Wasn't Thinking

15. Wasn't Thinking

A Chapter by CompellingComposer


    I should’ve seen this coming. I should have known not to be so stupid. What was I thinking?

    Nothing. You weren’t thinking at all.

    My body still ached and throbbed, but now the pain in my heart dulled my physical suffering. I watched as she wrapped her arms around Nathan and began to sob. I wanted to cry, too.

    “ Well, well, well. Seems like little Carrie thought she was too good for you, huh?”

    I turned at meet Rachel’s light brown eyes. She smiled devilishly, flashing her blindingly white teeth at me. Her cheeks rested in her palms, showing off her painted fingernails. They were hot pink, the same color as her shirt.

    “ Just leave,” I muttered.

    “ Aw, is Jayson sad? Do I need to make him feel better?” Rachel teased, moving closer to me. I felt her breath on my skin. It was cold.

    “ Go away. Now,” I demanded, my voice growing angry.

    “ Gosh, you’re hot when you’re angry,” she smirked, placing a soft hand on the side of my face. She leaned in and forced her lips upon mine, it feeling like she was crushing my face. I found her shoulders and pushed her away from me, sending her to the floor. “ I see, you must be upset now. We can try later,” she laughed.

    Frustrated and angry, I rested my head on the faded carpet. I needed some shut-eye. Some time to myself. Some time to think. I drifted away…


    “ Sh, it’s okay. Why are you crying? It’s okay,” said his smooth voice. It broke through his lips, seeped into my chest, and pried it’s way into my heart, causing me to cry even harder, soaking his black shirt. He petted my hair and held me closer, tighter. He gently rocked me in his strong arms and I felt his large hands play with my locks. I smiled slightly as I remembered a day when we just sat beside each other. Talking about ourselves so we could know each other better. One thing he had told me was how his huge hands made his trumpet look minuscule. I had laughed my annoying laugh, which he had told me he thought was adorable. I remembered that happy memory and calmed down.

    “ Okay,” I choked. “ I’m better now.”

    “ You wanna talk ‘bout it?” he queried, sounding worried and not nosey.

    I sniffled. “ Couldn’t ya just read my mind or something?” He shook his head.

    “ I can’t read yours. You’re not the only one, though. I can’t read my baby sister’s mind, or my band instructor’s, or my Aunt Natalie’s. I can pick up yours, sometimes. Like that time I was talking to you and I just stood up and left? You were thinking really fast?” I nodded. “ Yeah, second time I had picked up a ‘signal’ from you.”

    “ Oh, my bad,” I whispered.

    “ Don’t worry, it’s fine,” he said.

    “ Nathan, this is probably-” I started, but was interrupted by Vincent, who was jogging towards us.

    “ Yo, man. I’m getting everyone together for a meeting. Jayson has an announcement,” he said in his husky voice.

    I gulped.

    “ What about Laura?” Nathan asked.

    “ She’s calm now. Didn’t know someone could cry for so long. Geez.”

    “ Yeah, we’ll be right there,” Nathan replied. As Vincent left, Nathan glanced at me, noticing my worry. “ Look, when everyone falls asleep, meet me in the art room. Okay? Don’t leave at the same time I do, though. Count to twenty after I leave.”

    I smiled in response. This was going to get interesting.

© 2011 CompellingComposer

Author's Note

Sorry it's been taking so long for this one. Watcha think is gonna go down with Carrie and Nathan? Mmm... we'll just have to see!

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Added on January 21, 2011
Last Updated on January 22, 2011
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