19. A Powerful Discovery

19. A Powerful Discovery

A Chapter by CompellingComposer

Something has changed with Jayson...


    “ So that’s how it happened? But what about us? We aren’t one of them,” Caroline said, her face pale white.

    “ I guess that we were just lucky,” I responded, my voice cracking. “ All of us that are still alive. Harriet knew, and couldn’t live with the guilt. She knew she should’ve stopped Devon, but she didn’t. That’s why.” I sighed. “ That’s why.”


    Nathan had left.

    Carrie had left.

    That wasn’t good.

    I crept down the hallways, pressing my ear against each door. Listening for a whisper, listening for a sound. Listening for anything. What was going on between them? I had to know. I crept swiftly and quietly, praying that I wouldn’t be heard. I passed the classroom of a now deceased history teacher. Not a sound. I passed the science lab. Not a sound. Maybe there could be some medical supplies in there? We needed a first aid kit incase anyone got hurt. No, not now. I could check later. I would, on my way back.

    Finally, after passing three more classrooms, I reached the art room. I stopped.

    Talking. I heard talking.

    “ Yeah, we sure are lucky,” said a voice I recognized as Carrie’s, almost choking on sarcasm.

    “ We’re alive, isn’t that lucky enough?”

    There was Nathan.

    What were they talking about?

    “ Can we not talk about this anymore? It’s really kinda depressing,” Carrie sighed.

    “ Of course, we can talk about whatever you want to,” said Nathan.

    There was a pause. An awkward silence. I didn’t dare make a peep.

    “ I love you.”

    My heart stopped.

    “ I-I love you too,” the voice stuttered.

    Then there was no more. Silent again. They weren’t just staring at each other and I knew that for sure. They were kissing. I could see it in my head. I grew sick to my stomach. My body didn’t feel like mine anymore. I was being controlled by a force. An anger strong and ferocious. From the pit of my soul, I growled. My body shook and trembled, my vision grew blurry. I grasped the handle of the door and it almost seemed to crush under my strength. The door flew open, soared through the air, and landed only a few inches away from the two’s feet. They looked up at me, Caroline nestled in Nathan’s arms, their lips not far apart. Their eyes were open in fear.

    “ You,” I snarled. My voice didn’t sound like mine. It was much deeper and rougher. It almost alarmed me.

    “ What the-” Nathan began, but I cut him off. I leapt toward him and knocked him into a table with such force, the table split. Nathan writhed slightly in pain, but still regained his strength and stood up. “ How did you do that!?”

    I grabbed Nathan’s ankle and tossed him as if he was a rag doll. He flew into a metal cabinet. He crumbled to the ground, a dent pressed into the cabinet. Caroline shrieked and ran to Nathan’s aid.

    “ Nathan!” she cried. “ Are you ok? Nathan? Nathan!”

    I walked towards her. “ You don’t need him.”

    “ Go away you- you monster!” she screamed, tears streaming down her face.

© 2011 CompellingComposer

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Added on February 22, 2011
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