20. Getting Help

20. Getting Help

A Chapter by CompellingComposer


    I had to get help. He could have died if I didn’t. Lifting him would’ve been impossible for me. I needed to go get help. Jayson watched me from across the room, seeming scared and hurt. Vulnerable. Willing. Willing to do anything I needed.

    I made my voice as strong as I possible could and commanded him, “ Pick him up.”

    Seeming surprised by my sudden strength and command he replied with a simple, “ Huh?”

    “ You heard me,” my voice burned.

    He followed my orders and lifted him up.

    “ Take him to the room. Now.”

    And he did so.


    Jayson burst into the room holding Nathan.

    Carrie followed behind them, her face red and stricken with anger and tears. Nathan was unconscious, blood dripping from his skull.

    Laura screamed in horror and vomited.

    “ Vince, he’s hurt,” Carrie choked.

    “ Uh, yeah, I can see that. What the heck happened?” I said.

    “ Jayson threw him,” Carrie spat in suppressed anger. I scrunched my face in confusing. Nathan wasn’t a heavy kid or anything, but Jayson didn’t look buff enough to be able to pick someone up and hurt them like that. Nathan almost looked dead. I shook my head, ran my fingers through my hair, and took Nathan from Jayson, laying him on a table. I stared and stared.

    “ I wish we were able to get that first aid kit,” I mumbled. I lifted Nathan’s head and examined the wounds. Deep, bleeding wounds. I took a deep breath. I ran my fingers over the cuts and left them there, trying to keep pressure on them.

    They stopped bleeding.

© 2011 CompellingComposer

Author's Note

Sorry it's so short and this took so long. I've had writers block.

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i like it

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