English Violets - TD Mitchum Chapter 2

English Violets - TD Mitchum Chapter 2

A Story by Confuser

After the divorce, Jules is like a leaper to the society crowd but attends a party; Line dividers will not correct; this is nuts!! So sorry!



English Violets: Chapter Two

Written by Teresa Dale Mitchum

Copyright© 2015 All Rights Reserved 



As soon as her divorce was finalized the local grapevine lit up. She visualized those posh philanthropic society clones wearing shiny skates of gold and platinum searching the state of Virginia and beyond for the new `Charles.’ To say friends would be an over-exaggeration, they were uptight snobby acquaintances she endured for the sake of Charles. And she was no longer part of the married club.


You owe it to yourself to start over Jules,” said Diana Miller.

The same disingenuous concerns continued for weeks with a plethora of calls and dinner invites to meet: Mr. Tech-wizard, Mr. Banker- or Mr. Wall Street. When she politely refused the invites, their paranoia became all too obvious.  She was the interloper and in their warped minds, an enemy lurking slyly into their gated communities. A demon seductress with round alluring sky blue lit eyes. At any moment she could entrance their men lure them away, with their money.


They were carbon copies, the whole stinking lot. United in vein attempts to stay young, never missing weekly spa trips for Botox treatments and fillers. Their vanities began to show its full radiating intensity and self righteous attitude in college. Although some have married and moved away, the entire cast of `fake friends’ manipulated, cheated, lied and did everything to one up the other. Their lunch club gathered together eating only a few saltines, continually trying fad diets starving their bodies, but instead it corrupted their brains changing them into vain, self-centered greedy, crazed mad women.


Maybe it was there all along, but one thing she was certain of, as certain as their attempt to hide their flabby Buick butts below too tight spanx; they were jealous and ravenous for attention. As vicious as hungry hyenas eating away their self dignity obsessed with the illusion of perfection driving endlessly for more. She laughed inside; their filament injected lips were very similar to the hyena. She imagined them all, at The Towers, a revolving restaurant, on the 14 floor of Wellington’s, a gathering for the ‘elite’.  The saliva drooling like the carnivores, eating a petite salad, but all at once, unable to maintain control, Anna grabs a T-Bone eating it bone and all.  The others will follow gorging themselves, snatching pastries off trays, eating with their hands, cramming food in their mouths, running around patrons faster, snarling at each other, after all it was always a competition with them.

Nothing would ever fill their empty unrighteous souls. It was a long dark road they would never find an end that would bring fulfillment. Their line of reasoning invaded the yellow paint dividing that beaten down road hidden inside the recesses of their psyche screaming, `Coward.’ But on the other side, she had to believe their true desire was whispering, love me as I am. Just simple acceptance, but it had gotten out of hand, and the ripple effect was as long as Route 66.

She had lost herself too, but her best friend, Shelly Hanson, kept her spirit up, reminding her she would find herself again. She went through a period of forgoing any of her own needs and desires trying to please Charles: exercising, cooking, dieting, anything short of a threesome, which he alluded too. But unlike them, she married Charles for love, not for his portfolio. She had truly loved him.

They always kept their husband’s on a tight leash, and with her loose and running free, it was as if they fell into the mist of a black water fever. By God if they could have tracked her with bloodhounds they would have. Jules was incensed at the thought she would desire a married man, especially one of those spineless trained spider monkeys. The idea was atrocious, disgusting and simply ludicrous. Although they feigned concern, they were clinching onto their husband’s with all their might, tighter than those too small spanxs.


New Year’s Eve 2013

She reluctantly accepted Cindy and Steve Newman’s invite for their annual New Year’s Eve party at the urging of Shelly. She encouraged her to get out of the apartment, so she accepted.

Jules, you can’t just sit around there and mope. I know how that group can be, but you’ll at least enjoy the drive and it’ll make you feel good to get dressed up. I know they’re jealous, you’re beautiful Jules, accept it.”

I wouldn’t go that far Shelly, I’m not unattractive, but I’ve got plenty of flaws, you know that better than anyone.”

Okay Jules, you’re very pretty, and your heart is beautiful. How’s that?,” adding a snicker.

“They’re phony and insecure and you’re original. Don’t be intimidated by them, remember you can leave anytime. I’m so sad thinking of you sitting there with Gee-gee on New Year’s Eve. I love my sweet doggie too, but it’s time you take a small step outside, and you’ll be home in plenty of time to kiss Gee-gee and call me.”  


Shelly Hanson moved to Florida four years earlier and supported Jules throughout the marriage and divorce. Shelly’s upbeat attitude and philosophy on life helped her immensely. They loved each other as if they were sisters.  They literally bumped into each running around a corner in elementary school when they were seven years old.  God had blessed her on that day.  Shelly lived two blocks away and they grew up together, rarely missing a day without seeing each other or chatting on the phone.  Even when she left for Columbia and met Charles, Shelly was   supportive in every way.


Since Shelly moved they talked everyday and she begged her to move to Florida, “We’re family, Jules please come, there’s a room ready for you, and David loves you too.”  Shelly knew Jules inside and out, and even though it was a touch lesson, she had encouraged her to attend the party for one reason only.   She just prayed it would work. 


Her brother, Randall Catone was just as encouraging and they talked often. He lived close by Shelly and David. Randall was recruited by the Federal Bureau of Investigations during law school, though after some years he opted for work in private practice.  

The ride over was beautiful. She stopped at every stoplight staring at the full-moon pondering her place in life, feeling restless, wondering where her life would go. She suddenly realized it had been years since she had been to a party alone and it felt wonderful. She was finally free and felt her confidence building with her smile. She had been thinking more about moving but was hesitant to leave her Meme and brother, but tonight she felt waves of possibilities entering her mind. She was happy and at peace. Before she knew it she was driving up the Newman’s long driveway and her thoughts escaped somewhere into the cold winter night air New Year’s Eve 2013.  


She arrived at 7:00 on Saturday evening driving her dark blue Audi Roadster convertible dressed in a conservative blue channel dress and white cape with tiny hand-sewn beads twinkling as she walked under the subtle restrained light of the night. She loved the nostalgia of wearing the hand-made cape she bought in a vintage shop while visiting London with Meme. The silk lining felt soft against her skin. She thought of the woman who had worn it before, maybe to the theatre, or a wedding and smiled loudly.

As she walked up to the front door and rang the bell she felt uneasy, but put on her best show face and thought, `I can leave anytime, make the best of it.’


Lori Balkan opened the door and gave her a gracious welcome smiling primly. “Jules you look so lovely,” giving her traditional fake air kiss on each cheek, probably not to smear her perfectly painted makeup. She noticed her frozen botulinun intoxicated forehead right away. Her words seem to come from somewhere else as she strained to move her mouth. Lori escorted her to the coatroom leaving her clutch and cape.

She glided across the stone floor trying not to make eye contact and accepted a chardonnay from a waiter, hoping it would ease the tension. The enormous living room showcased twenty-five feet ceilings and a gorgeous Shonbek Swarovski Chrystal chandelier. Everything was beautiful. The design was Euro-Modern, sophisticated and the lighting was magical. The buffet displayed a row of flickering candles inside a golden boat shaped design and the perfected candlelight continued outside to the veranda and pool area enhancing the ambiance. She would love to go stargaze and dream, inhale the cold night air, but unfortunately that wouldn’t be proper etiquette.

There were many faces she didn’t recognize and that was pleasing, but when she turned around it seemed as if some of the woman were staring at her. Maybe she appeared as the wilting wallflower but sympathy was the last thing she needed, especially from them. She felt self-conscious and the ominous feeling persisted until Steve Newman approached. She and Charles had known the hosts since college and attended many outings together, only because of him.  She maintained a pleasant distance. Cindy even had the audacity to encourage her to stay with the habitual cheater, “Just suck it up Jules, I’m certain it’s just a phase.” The only thing that mattered to her and many in that crowd was social status and fat wallets.

Steve approached smiling pleasantly and less than a minute into their conversation, Cindy approached out of nowhere, a ghostly entrance and just as transparent.

“Jules you look just lovely, dear, “frowning with a pretentious look of concern.  What are you two talking about?”

Not much, Jules replied cordially, I was about to thank you guys for inviting me.”

No problem sweetie, you know we love you,” replied Cindy enthusiastically, as she clutched Steve’s arm closer.

Jules’s blue eyes scanned the living room, and now it appeared all the women were staring more intensely. “Did she spill the wine on her dress, was her slip showing,” she wondered.

Once while swimming, she jumped out of the water, and her bikini top had slid over exposing one wet shining breast. She was just a teenager and her brother jumped in front of her, a guardian angel protecting her from the stunned onlookers. This was the same kind of look, a hauntingly familiar feeling. Instantly she realized that wasn’t it at all. Julie Marie Matthews felt so powerfully naïve and stupid. She was still the predator, the dangerous lioness, with a long blonde mane, ready to pounce and take their husbands away. If they only knew, how degrading they were. But instead of sadness, she felt her face warming with anger. She accepted the invite thinking they understood she simply wasn’t ready for a relationship. But they were dishonest, so why would they believe her?

It concreted her thoughts, "How ridiculous they are." A man was the last thing on her mind and certainly not one of their disingenuous grinning baboons. Carline’s husband bragged about selling a bucket load of faulty mortgages, the highest interest rates possible, even laughed about the `little’ people soon to be homeless, but he made a bundle. Scott, however, has always been a gentleman. He was the first one to give her a clue about Charles, a secret they had kept. All the other men were very careful to keep a safe distance, not to make eye contact. Their wives reminded her of a wolf pack, where the strongest b***h would take a cruel bite out of her mate if he feigned disobedience. She didn’t understand until that moment just how much of a threat she had become to their sense of propriety and stability.

Jules eyes pierced into the floor beginning at Cindy’s brown Jimmy Choo pumps, decisively she made her way to her face, lips moving downwards, cocking her head to one side, eyebrows held high, visibly displaying distain, as if she was the editor of a runway magazine.   “So very sorry dear, but I must be going,” Jules sarcastic tone well noted.  

As their face met, Cindy’s eyes squinted, perplexed, wondering if Jules could possible disapprove of her attire, feeling slightly off balance as thoughts buzzed about her brain, but quickly rejected that thought. Her fake smile lit up once again shimmering with excitement.  Her teeth were reflective as the world famous Tiffany Yellow Diamond, “No Jules you’ve just arrived,” all the while leading her fast as a jackrabbit to the coatroom, fake implants, big as Chiclets gleaming, lighting the way. Cindy’s new bob even seemed to bounce with glee in sync with her stride rushing her to the door one uncaring hand at her side.


For a moment she thought, “Why don’t I pull off this dress, show my lacey lingerie to the crowd, and give those snakes a really sweet rattle.” She could visualize the woman trying to cover their husband’s eyes, as if they were children.

What an exit that would be, she tensed growing more angry. She could jump in her Audi and wave adieu, as if she was in a parade, put down the convertible and strip off all her clothes. She heard a voice inside saying,” anything can happen, anything happens all the time.”

It was her Meme’s sweet voice and she was listening clearly, “To hell with them.” Now, her Meme on the other hand was only too well versed with the proper use of invective slang. She was a gentile lady, the type that could use risqué’ words and get away with it. She was elegant with expletives and sounded almost charming. They rolled off her tongue gently, sounding almost endearing.  Her sincere sweet smile always constrained and she only did it to get rid of this type of snobbery, caressing their sensibilities into shock and reason.  

She moved from London to New York with her Papa when he was offered a job with the government. She didn’t have reservations about saying she didn’t care for the `better than thou’ fake society types. Jules could feel the words building inside of her, a volcano about to erupt, spewing ash upon Cindy’s face, blotting those mammoth teeth, the whole crowd running from hot melting lava, but then, she composed herself.


They’re not even worth my time.” She gathered her brown suede clutch and cape drove quickly to her apartment and began to cry.


Her heartache reveling once again; another cut, another slice eaten away. It was in that moment she decided she had to move away. Instead of tears, sadness from Charles’ betrayal; wasted dreams and wasted time rose like a tidal wave. She hadn't allowed herself to truly weep, but for the first time she did.

She called Shelly and together began to search for the perfect place to start-over. She gave her employer notice and they were supportive and understanding. Her senior manager, Bob Wilkins, hugged her.

 Jules we’ll miss you and we’re only a phone call away. If there’s anything we can do.” Bob was so endearing, the father she never knew. She gave him a tight bear hug holding back tears.

You’ll be hearing from me and don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” She exited the doorway, with no regrets, walked slowly outside to her car, her mind filled with thoughts, and overflowing with certainty her decision to move was right. It was time, past time to have a happy life and she was intent on living it to the fullest.

For a moment she felt angry, “He cheated on me in college with my roommate, why didn’t I see?”

She thought about the words of the psychologist she had seen with Charles. He had helped her prepare for these feelings. It takes time he had reassured her, but it will get better.

“It’s not my fault, it will get better,” she repeated.  

That night she slept with Gee-gee cuddled by her side and awoke feeling renewed and at peace. 

Today is a new day and a new year.


© 2015 Confuser

Author's Note

Chapter 2, English Violets, Ignore Grammar. I appreciate in advance any suggestions. Thank you in Advance for Reading. So many people have provided wonderful suggestions, especially Marvin. Thanks to everyone! (sorry for formatting, should all be justified)...hope I'll figure it out....more than that when I look at the ch., I need a space between dialougue, but when I do to edit. It's not there....previous formatting, I don't know.....

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Featured Review

Another very well done chapter. As Richard said, it could use a copy edit, but events perfectly lead up to Jules's decision to move. Again the descriptions are excellent and I laughed visualizing those snobby society b*****s! Jules has now become a threat to their marriages, so I agree with her not sticking around.

A couple of my suggestions from earlier also apply.

"all that anger from Charles’ betrayal came forth in all its state, like a tidal wave": Consider maybe "all that anger from Charles' betrayal burst forth in a tidal wave" or something similar?

Posted 6 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.


6 Years Ago

Jennie, Thank you so much!!! I will definitely use your suggestion; I'm so excited you don't think i.. read more
Jennie Baron

6 Years Ago

:) You are so welcome! It's a pleasure to read.

6 Years Ago

YOU"RE TOO SWEET!! I've got a long way to go....to write even a short story properly; thank you so .. read more


I love your summary and powers of observation. However, I found myself wanting you to put all of this to life by placing these characters in a setting, giving them voices and gestures. The woman eating the whole T-bone steak could be amazing in a scene. Let the reader deduce from the characters' dialog and action the opinions you have expressed. You have the outline for a terrific piece.

Posted 5 Years Ago

You did a great job conveying the depressive atmosphere. If it wasn't that I had jazz belting out whilst reading it, I would have needed a scotch to cheer me up.

Posted 5 Years Ago

What a Story Dale. I am left speechless

Posted 6 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


6 Years Ago

--------------------------------------------(*)______________________________________HAVE A GREAT WE.. read more
Terrence Chang

6 Years Ago

Same to you Dale

6 Years Ago

Thanks Chang...take care!
Dale: that WoW feeling continued.............
i especially loved your punches against the "conditioned" stereotypical "ladies".
you attention to detail is stunning...............easily easing the reader into the character's shoes.......or sandals!
i always love strong woman character..........who also has a regard for society but knows when it is enough..........i love Jules thus far......
in the segment New year's eve........ 5th para........i noticed small typing error: it is typed "touch" instead of "tough".
another amazing chapter........
i loved it!!!

Posted 6 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

'She was still the predator, the dangerous lioness, with a long blonde mane, ready to pounce and take their husbands away.'

Those few words say it all. I'm almost forty, still single. I have a few married friends and can absolutely relate to the undertone, the unspoken thought of threat.

Really enjoyed this. Beccy.

Posted 6 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Overall what can I say. You have all the tools of a very good writer. I am impressed. Well done.
Oh! and thanks for your review of 'The Fall'.

Posted 6 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Dear Author,

It is so refreshing to read something this well written and constructed. It is obvious you have put in the grunt work to get this far in your craft. It is difficult for me to speak any criticism on the above piece, as, for the majority of my time reading it, I had a small grin on my face, from the great flowing of your words.

However, one small suggestion would be that in some areas of explanation, I found your descriptions to become a bit wordy, oftentimes, with seemingly one too many adjectives. I feel that a small nip of this bud would polish your writing further, and help your reader along with sentences that have become deliciously short and sweet.


Posted 6 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


6 Years Ago

You are so very kind and ABSOLUTELY CORRECT; I have received wonderful feedback and HELP; I am a beg.. read more

6 Years Ago

Thank you....
You have captured me in your cleverly worded web of story telling as I find myself a willing victim to read and devour every word you have shared, thirsting for more in the next chapter ... This is a very interesting story, and one which, I believe, many women--even men are wronged--can relate to ... Excellent story, and one that is relevant to the world in which we live ... Life is not all love making and cheery ...

Posted 6 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Another chapter pf a very intriguing story! My suggestions to this one:
Too many adjectives and extended descriptions For example, " 1945 when World War II ended." I would pick one (probably when WW2 ended) and not explain further. Also in this part: "thicker than bamboo in fertile hot humid Rwanda." Same thing. Pick one adjective for the Rwanda bit. Readers like to imagine some things on their own, and you have to give them the chance.

Secondly, I'm warning you before this happens but you should be aware that your MC is acting a little like the "I'm not like other girls" trope. I've seen it a ton in YA lit, and I don't want you to fall into the trap. Perhaps it's just this chapter, but just so you know.

Good things now: 3rd paragraph was excellent. Just the right amount of imagery. You give a good idea of the NYC elite here, and the underlying rotten-ness. I like that you're giving the MC's personality little by little; keep doing it. So far, so good! Keep going, and remember first drafts are never what's the finished product is. You can do it!

Posted 6 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


6 Years Ago

Got loads of changes to make; I'll get there eventually. Thanks Emily.

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