Simple Task

Simple Task

A Story by Constance Payne

We each have the ability to smile and therefore the ability to change the world

A Simple Task
When you look around and see a stranger’s face take care in your opinions. Do not judge who they are by the style of clothes they are covered in at that time. Those clothes may have been a blessing or gift at the time of the change as a change of clothes was needed. Loaned or given the blessing in nonetheless.
The color of their hair, what does it matter if it is gray or green or blue or black or blonde or lack thereof. A dye job that is in desperate need of an update but life has been in the way of success.
Makeup, thick or thin or non-existent is a private and personal choice, worn in that way for reasons you may never know nor understand. The reasons are their own, ingrained by the parentage or the rebellion of the teen years we all must survive to become the adults we are all meant to be. Dealing with all that being an adult entails and presents to us.
Our eyes present only a partial picture of the reality that truly exists. Our brain received the information and makes an interpretation of that information based solely upon the experiences within our lives that have jaded our current perceptions.
We know neither their story nor history nor why they smile or cry. Awareness of their existence is ours to only reason why. Why there they stand in the middle of their lives living through what they are facing in that very moment they are living. Be aware that the reasons matter not there they stand regardless.
Be aware that the look upon your face can change their reaction to you, their world, or simply their day. Break your silence with a simple smile or maybe even a hello. Show your teeth and smile with flair.
Accept them where they are standing, the reasons don’t matter nor need to be known, ask yourself why it is that you even need to know.
You stand in that same room; in clothes that cover, hair that may not be brushed or in need of a wash, no money in your pocket for a cup of coffee, and a heart filled with fear at the unknown events and outcomes that you face within your day and life. Others may see you and hold the judgments
that you hold of another for no other reason than their parentage and survival of the years that took them through their teens to the adulthood that they are now living. They may not have it in them to ask you your whys and wherefores.
Send smiles to all whom you encounter through the space of this life that we all travel through; change another’s world, day, or maybe even their decisions that will affect another life which they encounter along the way.
Never miss the opportunity that you have been presented to spread grace in a simple smile to a stranger or a friend. Saying a simple hello today you just might find in your life a new friend has come to play.

© 2013 Constance Payne

Author's Note

Constance Payne
These are the ramblings of a tired mind that watched faces in the hospital cafeteria during a week of wonder at the fate of her husbands health. We found out changes are needed and will be made and if so we will survive to live another day. Emotional and physical exhaustion can being up some odd thought processes.

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True! such a simple thing to do. and it costs nothing but its effect can change the course of the day if not life. yes many people have forgotten how to smile.
I really like this. it's a fine write.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Constance Payne

5 Years Ago

Thank you very much. I would much rather be the one smiling all the time than the one who did not b.. read more

5 Years Ago

then you're a good person :)
see? I'm smiling, too. I must be a good person as well.
First, I want to say that I hope your husband is OK, and that all works out. I know these days of dealing with health issues and hospitals - not easy. You have my good thoughts and vibes...

I love this essay. It seems like such a little thing - to smile. But so few do it out in the world. I recall a few years ago, I was walking home from the dry cleaner's a few blocks away. As I turned on to my street, a gentleman I had never seen was coming in my direction. I smiled and said "Good morning." He looked stunned, said "Good morning to you! And thank you for the smile!" I never forgot that exchange - that a smile was something to be grateful for. Your story here captures this lesson beautifully.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Constance Payne

6 Years Ago

Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Husband is doing great!

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Constance Payne
Constance Payne

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