A Poem by Fae

I carry on my person
a cheese grater
at all times,
Just in case there's not enough
of me
to fill my outsides.
It's a comfort to know that as I recede
into a stagnant being,
I can shave away the wasted bits
that are hardly worth seeing.
As I dissolve into the air
I can shave my elbows
till they're red and bleeding
scrape the eczema off to gain some feeling in this shell,
in these limbs
they're receding.
Dead weights;
denatured skin cells.
I am too little to fill a cup
It can't be half empty of half full
- there's simply not enough
of me.
I take comfort as I recede
as I shrink into this carapace case
this suctioning shroud,
in that I'll always be ready
to be in a happy place
to sculpt my nose off of my face
Grind my feet to shavings - to stubs
as one recedes
one must always be ready
to emery board those fingernail nubs.

© 2015 Fae

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inside we just keep shrinking sometimes...and we need to get rid of the useless skin, and negative baggage so that we can start to grow again.

i like the last two lines, a crisp ending.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Thanks for your review! :)

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1 Review
Added on February 25, 2013
Last Updated on February 11, 2015
Tags: recede, poetry, surreal, cheese grater




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