The Dream of a School Girl Nerd

The Dream of a School Girl Nerd

A Story by Emma

This is a story about a Teenage girl nerd, who is a writer and soon someithing bad happends...

introduction: Hello, my name is Ella Bakker. I am 16 years old and my dream profession is a Story Writer. I have a best friend named Gabriella, she is my only friend is school, because everyone say i am a nerd..I live in Chicago. That is basically all about me.
                                                               And The Story begins...
It is a sunny morning. Sun shines into Ellas eyes that make her wake up. Ella goes to her closet and decides to wear a jumper, jeans, glasses, and boots.. After that she goes to the kitchen to meet her mom.
-Good morning mom...-Ella says.
-Good morning honey.-Ellas mom (Olivia) says.
-What is for breakfast?-Ella asks her mom.
-Pancakes and tea.-Says Ellas mom Olivia.
-Alright.-Ella answers.
Ella goes to the table and sits down to eat.
-Bon appetit.-Ellas mom Olivia says.
-Thanks?-Ella says and starts eating.
After 5 minutes.
Ella has been eaten and goes to get her school bag. After some minutes Ella leaves the house and goes to school.
After 15 minutes.
Of the entrance of school she meets her best friend talking to a guy.
-Hi, Gab.-Ella says.
-Oh hey, Ella!-Gabriella answers.
-Um, who is he, may i ask?-Ella stares at the guy.
-Oh right! Hes my BF! Jack, meet Ella, she is my BFF, Ella meet my BF Jack.-Gabriella says smiling.
-Nice to meet you Jack.-Ella shakes Jacks hand.
-Nice to meet you too Ella...-Jack answers.
Ella saw that Jack really dosent like her too. Ella starts thinking, what did she do wrong, didnt i do a ggood first impression?

© 2017 Emma

Author's Note

Mehh, dis ma story gais. It is very bad. xD

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Added on March 22, 2017
Last Updated on March 22, 2017
Tags: #nerd #what? #firststory



Riga, Riga, Latvia

My name is Emma and my parents say i am super creative. I write a story on instagram too. I am from LV. I hope people like my story. Folow your dreams like i do..:D more..

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