A Chapter by Luke Steed

You can call it a prequel, but it's nothing more than a prologue. It's supposed to have two parts, but I haven't quite finished the whole thing yet. It's gonna be good, so hang in there!



-Luke Edwards-

The night awoke negatively, and Coldblood Village was smelling of freshly burned wood.

Montgomery Edwards didn’t bother to grab a coat, nor did he bother to rub his eyes or stretch his muscles before he ran out into the cold Arctican night to see what was burning. Despite having a coat of blubber and insulating feathers to keep him naturally warm, the weather always told him to bring a coat, but on this occasion, there was no need for one. The scorching heat of the burning houses, even from afar, provided him with all the warmth he needed.

As Monty slowly moved down his snowy street, the fire’s smoke could then be seen billowing into the already black night sky. Its roar drew nearer, and the sound of glass shattering on the cabins’ wood was now faint and indistinct. Soon, the streets were filled with other penguins who had the same idea as Monty- to see their incoming terror lurch towards them.

A penguin appeared over the hill that concealed the north portion of the village from the south. He was running from the commotion, stumbling and tripping over the lack of his knees. He screamed out in horror. Even from where Monty was standing, tears could be seen flooding from his eyes. “They’re coming!” He sobbed, “everybody needs to leave! They’ll kill you all!”

It seemed as if everyone’s eyes widened at once. There had been no major crimes or troubles in this innocent village, but why now? It was absolutely shocking to Coldblood’s residents; they didn’t know true fear.

The penguin still stumbled down the slightly sloped hill, until a tall humanoid figure appeared over it. The figure had a gun. He pointed it down the hill in our direction. The clumsy bird glanced backwards, and his life flashed before his eyes.

CRAACK!! The sound of his gunshot pierced the calamity of the night.

The bullet penetrated the bird’s skull and made a complete tunnel through his whole head. Blood splattered out the back, making violent red splotches of blood on the snow. The penguin dropped dead. Many penguins started screaming and fleeing foolishly back into their houses, while others began to flee to the northern part of the village. Neither of their ideas were inherently smart, but they were their only options. Monty’s only option was to face the snatchers and fight his way through, but he couldn’t abandon his family.

Monty burst back through his door. “Sky! Get the eggs!”

© 2017 Luke Steed

Author's Note

Luke Steed
Part one is going to be pretty good, but I have high expectations for part two. The hint for the plot of part 2 is in the tags. Stay tuned!

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Added on May 12, 2017
Last Updated on May 12, 2017
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Luke Steed

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A Story by Luke Steed