Grim Tales

Grim Tales

A Story by Cora

A black creature turned to me that day and spoke those haunting words that changed my life forever, “ We do exist, We were never just fairy tales...”


I followed her through the woods my bear dragging behind me as she giggled and twirled her red dress. Her red hair blazing like a wildfire in the winter of New Hampshire Idoa. I wanted to play with her, she was the first person I meet that  my mother didn't yell at me for playing with. Today no more. I wanted to have a friend not play by myself. I picked up Mr. Brownie and hugged him tightly against my chest as I ran faster, I was tired but didn't stop as she giggled and waved for me to follow. I gazed in amazement as she looked like she was floating, like she had wings as I blinked a couple of times to make sure. She finally stopped as I ran up to catch my breath.  She has on no shoes her pale feet looked invisible in the snow as I took off my coat and offered it to her. She shook her head and shoved it back with a playful giggles. We were at a spring and unfrozen spring. I never been here before as I took a closer look, the water wasn't frozen but full of life but I didn't care I wanted to play with my new friend.

“ What do you want to play?” I asked as I placed Mr. Brownie down on  floor by a near by tree and walked over to her, she placed her little finger on her chin, her freckles clear on her face as she said

“ Let’s play how long can you hold your breath “ she said.

I looked at her confused it didn't sound like a fun game as she took my hand and we got closer to the pound  that's when I felt a shove. I lost my balance and fell into the icy cold water. It hit me hard as I floated back to the top my teeth chattering. I was angry now and cold as I looked at her, to see a boy next to her his hair also red he laughed and pointed at me.

“ Ha ha I got you!” he laughed. I said nothing as climbed out and shouted

“ Why did you do that for!” the boy stopped laughing as he walked up to me a smug look on his face.

Silly little human, whose flesh is so tasty. You better leave this place or  trouble will follow.”  he said in a song like voice.

I looked at him not sure what to say as the red headed girl that lead me here sang

You don't have much time he already knows you're here. The kelpie is hungry you better stay clear”  

I looked at them both, they were twins their eyes sparkling with cruelty and I struggled to get up as I held up my hand.

“ Help guys,” I pleaded my hand shaking with the cold as I tried to sand up to get on my feet. I was so cold, they looked at one another and laughed and began to sing again

Silly little human, you have no friends here you see. Your mother says we're not real, what a foolish little mother. Now he's going to lose you the child she hold dear. You better hold your breath because here he comes. His first main course and you're the full course meal.....”

I didn't have time to scream as I was dragged under water and something black with red eyes faced me, I opened my mouth to scream but nothing came out. His black hair wrapped around me as he dragged me underwater. I looked up to see the twins blurry faces, I wanted to scream to cry for help, as water filled my lungs and my heart began to hammer in my chest.

There's no such things as Kelpies or fairies....fairy tails are not real “ My mother words echoed in my head as the world around me grew darker.

There is no happy ending in this world, no elves or pixie dust. There's no such thing “ My mother said again as my eyes began to get heavy now.

“ Your mother is a fool ….” it said to me, its dark red eyes looking at me hungrily

“ We do exist, We were never just fairy tales...”

Then darkness washed over me.

© 2012 Cora

Author's Note

This is just the Introduction.
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This is a very good introduction to a either a horror or fantasy tale.

Here are a few correction I recommend you make:
We were at a spring and unfrozen spring. (only use the word spring once)
down on floor (ground) by a near by tree
I looked at her confused (.) it (It) didn't sound
fairy tails (tales) are not real
(And watch which tense you are writing in. You bounced between past and present a couple times.)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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A Chapter by Cora