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The beginning


.                                  Introduction


Lithe pulled the wool blanket tighter around her shaking body, and scooted closer to the crackling fire. Her stormy gray eyes gleaming in the flames, jerking back and forth devouring the small chunky log. She could hear their muffled voices in the back ground. They were as angry as fire and as soft as silk, yelling and pleading with each other.

 “Come on you know we’ve been waiting to hear back from Kate for a month now! We- are- not- getting- Hanna- back, and you know it.” The soft female voice argued.

“Ok first of all I�"unlike some people in this room have patience. Second of all she belongs to someone. We can’t just take her, she’s what? Six, seven? We’ll be arrested!” The deep man’s voice snapped back. Lithe flinched and pushed herself to her feet seeking a distraction, glancing around her. She pondered at the gigantic television bolted to the blood red wall, and at the fragrance of pumpkin spice tickling her nose. It reminded the child of something, though she wasn’t sure what.

 She tilted her head, studying the stairs that winded gracefully as a grape vine around a tree, meeting in at the top near the white ceiling that seemed as high as the sky to her. The red ribbon weaving in and out of the railing made them only more elegant. She longed to climb them and run her fingers along the intricate carvings etched in the railing. To pretend she lived here for even a fraction of a second would please her beyond measures.

But something held her back, as if her feet were nailed to the smooth, cold, wooden floors, bound to the spot in front of the crackling fire. Lithe noticed for the very first time, the yelling had seized and there were hands on her shoulder. “What’s your name?” The soft female voice asked. Lithe turned so that she could face this woman. The woman’s face was slim and pale, her cheek bones high and her skin looked as soft as her voice. Her long fiery hair cascading down her shoulders, her ice blue eyes friendly and welcoming. Lithe felt a ball of warmth in her stomach.

 “Lithe.”  Her voice was but a whispered. The woman’s eyes seemed to light up. “Lithe. I like it,’’ she smiled and knelt down her hands still pressed softly to Lithe’s shoulders. “I’m Emily, and this is Max.” Emily turned gesturing to Max who was leaning against the stair rail, a smile on his face though it appeared forced, he waved.  “Do you have a mom?” Max asked his voice harsh. Emily shot a warning glance at him. Lithe blinked as if shocked by his blunt question, but that wasn’t it. It was the answer that shocked her. “No.” She breathed. Emily’s eye widened.

“We have to have her, Max. Look how beautiful she is!” She shrieked, running her soft hands down the side of Lithe’s face. Lithe clenched her jaw slightly. Max rolled his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Emily,” He groaned, shaking his head. Though he would never admit it, he was a burst of joy and too longed to hold the child and keep her.

Ok, ok fine,’’ He paused, slightly disturbed by the look on his wife’s face. “But we’re still checking into this.’’ He added quickly. Lithe smiled and frowned, unsure of what just happened. The next thing she knew Emily’s arm were wrapped around her, in a warm embrace.





© 2013 Courtney

Author's Note

Here's the first chapter, I'm hoping this is better than some of my previous work. So leave a review and let me know. Truthfully, if you hate it or something I really don't care, if you love it good, just tell me. Enjoy :)

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This was really good! I'm interested to find out more.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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8 Years Ago

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I have the first few chapters written, I just have to post them... read more

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