Three Part Harmony

Three Part Harmony

A Poem by Corset

I have three phones
one for each property
in my care
when an Amber alert comes in
they all go off in three part harmony
singing the shock and dismay
to wake you in the dead of night,
in case you are driving out there
 may be passing by the chance
to be a hero, or fodder
to chase down the discribed vehicle
in your bare feet and skivvies if necessary
to answer the village alert, 
cause it takes a village
to be a hero you know,
or else no one notices 
when another poor innocent
goes missing...
if the child is under 13
he or she is less likely to be a runaway
and more likely
a wolf grabbing a an unattended lamb,
it only takes a second to reach
the woods.

Its almost impossible to get back to sleep
when that happens, 
a mother knows
when another mother is wringing her hands,
its a silent scream in telepathy
it's a ripping of a soul from a body
may as well put on the coffee.

© 2020 Corset

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the new TracFone came for me today. Frustrated by the bells and whistles, I will send it back like I sent the other one back. In my excitement, I pushed the wrong button and locked the damn think up and couldn't figure out how to unlock it. But not to worry. My personal default is to "send it back". I've done that all my life. When you accept this posture, this method of reasoning, nothing is ever really solved. Sending things back just means you get to start over with something less stressful. Newtons logical and empirical consequences of gravity, made him grow exhausted trying to explain it. What I mean is that your trying to poeticize a mothers intuition. and you're a poetess. And lighting has struck you. And you don't sent anything back because of the stress of compassion.....dana

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

The helplessness, to stop, prevent, change anything is so palpable sometimes its overwhelming. yes i.. read more

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