Alien thoughts

Alien thoughts

A Poem by Corset


I think we're story travelers 
children of light 
experiencing the human 
one of many
a little R&R from the endless
service of love.
A vacation to enlighten,
have amnesia,
in a garden of Eden 
made just for us
show some native gratitude
 so we can truly 
relax into the experience
no secret phone calls to the 
office in the middle of the night
to establish current conditions
at home
Jesus, Christ Michael, sovereign leader
I am 
the holy spirit
the trinity
the pyramid
the I
of what was before 
is now after 
and what was after 
is now before us and
the word repeats itself 
the lesson is finito.

If you could believe
in books from aliens
in the similarities of the 
word and world
minus the L in love
maybe we are just 
on a working vacation
truth IS often stranger than fiction

one in which we are supposed to work  our 
spiritual watering can like nightshades in bloom
for growth eternal in existence and experience
collect and report
the many different ways to vastly
one another
 in whatever way 
we can tolerate our 

I am
in his image

The all seeing eye of providence
the black hole
the human eye

maybe black matter is "God" 
black holes the all seeing 
The Messiah said
"when you see me you see him for I am in him and he is in me"

© 2023 Corset

Author's Note


the souls passage way to ...heaven? Out through the pupil to the "tunnel" black hole perhaps?
NDE study. Relative materials. Youtube:

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OhVol I am so sorry I accidentally deleted it, exactly yes, my thoughts as well. In the body of~ what a cool review thank you for your thoughts.

Posted 4 Months Ago

Deep, comples and you have given us so much to consider. Which I think I will be doing for some time before I come to the point where I can make a reasoned review. A write that is full of experience.

Posted 4 Months Ago

Some very deep thoughts here that I enjoyed following and may keep following. I believe there is so much more than what we know or think we know or have been taught to know. Not saying it is anything sinister or there is some larger plan, I am just saying, there is more than it appears. I for one like not knowing because it gives me something to do by trying to figure it out. It's not the having, it the finding that makes it fun.
Nicely done Corset

Posted 4 Months Ago


4 Months Ago

I agree, and thank you. I think there is so much more that my pea brain can't possibly hold much les.. read more
oh my, this is why I can never relax during vacations...always feel I should be busy doing something and end up having working vacations.
WE try too hard to live up to some unwritten potential when we really ought to just
let life come to us as it will---savor each moment and say a little prayer that we succeed in some way.

Posted 4 Months Ago


4 Months Ago

sounds like good advice, thank you J.

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