Another Lost One Part 4 - The things we fear

Another Lost One Part 4 - The things we fear

A Chapter by CorvinPr

When invited to a party, he's reminded of a mistake from the past.

In one flash, the mist was gone. I was now at home. Maybe I slept on the couch and I just thought I was in school. Why the school though, I would never want to go to school unless I really have to. 
I look at the time to see it's currently morning. Well, that's weird, sis usually would've put food in by now. Where is she and Father, anyways?
I run upstairs and walk towards sis' door.
"Hey, you there?" I ask.
No answer.
"I'm gonna come in," I say.
I open the door and was met with a completely different room. This place has two beds and was separated in two. One thing they did have in common with the room I know is the fact they're so messy. This kinda looks like the room I shared with him from before.
This is too weird. I feel like I'm at my house, just a bit more... colorful.
I look up to see a picture on top of a desk. It was five people posing together for a picture. They were in front of the house, my house.
Father was crouching a bit, keeping his head down in the same level as us. He was hugging everyone with his hands, he kept us close. Sis was a bit more distant back then, she was in her own world. She looked happy on her own, though. 
Mom was on the other side with the biggest smile on Earth. She was carrying him in her hands. She looked like she was standing over us all. It was like she's far from us but she's always close to us. Though he was being carried, it looked like he was about to skydive from mom's height.
"Heh, you were always the type to do the things we were never brave enough to do." *SIGH* "If only you've talked to me," I murmur.
In all of that, I was at the very middle, I was at the very front. It looked like I was preparing for something. When was this? I was the only one who wasn't smiling.
I turn to my back to see black footsteps. They look like mud prints. When I pick a piece of the prints it was vicious and really hot. It felt gooey and of sludge. 
Are those faces? I felt goosebumps on the fact that there are faces on some black mud prints. I hold it up to my nose and dropped it immediately. It smelt like a rotten fresh-killed fish, it was truly foul.
That sounds like it came from downstairs. Who is this?
I ran downstairs and saw a giant monster destroying everything. It was smashing the windows, the chairs, the flowers. In one hit, everything was destroyed, not even the concrete floor could stand a chance.
It smashes the fridge and stopped when it saw food. It carried the whole fridge over its head and slid everything towards its mouth. Is those cheese ice cream? I could've eaten those.
It bit off a piece of the fridge and threw it in a corner.
It barked so hard the house started to crumble. Its whole body's dripping with that black mud. Its roar felt like it's gonna tear my flesh. The wooden floor is burning because of all this.
I look at some of the destruction it caused and saw a broken leg with a sharp end from the table is destroyed. I walk slowly at the crooked and destroyed wooden floors.
As I hear it myself I run towards the leg and run back. I need to get a longer weapon but this will do for now.
Its hits are strong enough to shake the floor even though I'm a dozen meters far from him. I run for the back door and towards the yard. Maybe I can hide from it or something.
When I slam open the door. I stopped myself from stepping anymore further. The whole yard was overflowing with this black sludge. The tall grass and the trees are flooded up to the top.
The sludge was hot enough that the grass and trunks of the tree were being dissolved and mixed with the sludge.
When I felt he's close enough, I spin and smash his head. My weapon burned and melted with his face. As it tries to remove the wood that's blocking its eyes, I jump over our fence. I run straight to the forest.
The trees burned and fell. The ground shook. The air rained black ashes. I run in the middle of the world so scared of everything I created, running from a monster that I made.
So, you do know that all of it happened because of you, the things you love crumble if you don't watch out for it.
"The things I love... Who are you? Can you help me escape from that?" I said.
If the things you care about crumble, what do you think happens to the things you hate. Will you be able to take any more without anything to keep you up? How much longer can you run?
I look behind to see a group of people being run after by the monster. It's stepping on every tree blocking it. Even if I don't get caught, I'll eventually be burned to death.
"A lot of people will get hurt if that doesn't stop. If you don't know anything about it, you've gotta get out of here," I said.
Which do you really care about? Are you not the only one you're sure to be real and in control, or are you really real and in control?
I pick one of the long stones near me and charge towards the monster. The whole forest is burning and flooded with this sludge. I feel a burning feeling in my leg, when I look I see a black hand burning the very skin of my leg.
The black sludge seeped into my skin and inside my veins. I try to fight it but it only sped up. When it reached my arms, I could only move my head now. All I could do is slump to the ground and watch the monster come towards me.
I stare at its void hollow eyes as it reaches out to my face. It holds me up high and swallowed me whole.
Everything was black.
When I open my eyes, I was at school. I was slumped to the ground and my face was wet. I try to wipe my face with my sweaty hands, but I couldn't move my arm at all. 
When I look up, I was in the middle of several people who seemed like they were knocked out. There were at least a hundred people looking at everyone.
"He's awake!" boy 1 yells.
"Someone call 911," boy 2 yells.
"The farther you go, the more powerful they become. Tell me, what fear keeps you moving?" 
I look to my side to see a person with skin made of rock. He was looking at me with those dark eyes. His hand-colored from the void was clenching my shoulder like a vice. His smirk was full of sinister intent and comfort. 

© 2021 CorvinPr

Author's Note

Please be as precise and specific as possible otherwise, anything goes. Thank you.

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Added on June 12, 2021
Last Updated on June 12, 2021
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