Another Lost One Part 5 - Friends and Foes

Another Lost One Part 5 - Friends and Foes

A Chapter by CorvinPr

Just when he met them, the clues point to something malicious going on.


How did I end up here?

I was at the infirmary. All alone and confused. I was wearing a patient's gown covered in inches of bandages. I try to stand up but the pain all over my body together with the headaches prevents me from even moving. I peek at the door to see four shadows standing outside. From the few pieces of conversation I heard, the questions only multiplied and got complicated.

"Do you think he did all those things? The others haven't woken up yet, have they," Man 1 said, with a deep echoing voice.

I know that voice before. He was the principal who had a really cool voice.

"The other students will likely take a few hours before they wake up. Luckily, most of them only had minor injuries at the head," Woman 1 said.

"He is the most suspected to be the one to have injured the students. This will take some more time to piece together despite the simplicity of the scene," Man 2 said.

"I'll talk to him as soon as possible. As long as we tread carefully, we should be able to piece it all together," Woman 2 said with a calm voice.

I recognize her. I think that was Miss Grace who asked to meet me strangely frequently these past few months. I think she's the counselor.

"What I really don't understand is who tampered with the equipment?" Principal questioned.

There was silence for a few seconds.

"Sir, sir. Some of the grades are starting to barge outside. The student council isn't enough to handle them," girl student 1 said.

Tsk. Tsk. "Guys, we'll talk later. Miss Grace, please talk to Mr. Garner as soon as possible. Please also inform me if there are other developments with the other students or the case," the Principal said.

Clack. Clack.

Looks like they're leaving. Their footsteps are very peculiar.

"Hhmm. What happened? Augh," I whisper.

"Everyone already knows what happened. You did it again."

"WOAH! Ho�""How are you here?" I said.

There was a small child whose skin was like black-colored stone. He was just sitting there, staring and smiling at me. Despite his casual posture and introduction, he still feels unnerved.

I can't really answer that. If anyone can answer why any of us are then the world be entirely different. How about we answer something simpler, like what you're doing here. How about, we can do some detective work.

"I don't...I don't remember anything. I don't know anything that's happening. We can't get out with whatever's happening right now, plus I can barely even talk to you right now," I explained


"Oh, sorry. I haven't caught your name yet. My name's Ralph, what's yours?"

I already knew your name, a... friend told me about you. It depends on what you call me because I've had many names, like Monico, Setia, Seiko, and more random names.

He's very honest and opens most of the time, except when talking about himself he's full of confusion and vagueness. It seems like there's a life that we both knew but forgot.


The thing that stands out about him is his movements are the likes of a child, but more random and faster. In the other world, they can pretty much do whatever they want, but here they still have to follow the basic laws of physics. Well, except this guy cause he's speeding around the entire roof like it was a track. 

Oh yeah, name, name. I think I'm gonna call him...

"Ames. Can I call you Ames?" I ask.

Whoo, that's new. I wonder who you took that from.


"Hey, don't move. He'll hear us," Lucy whispers.

That voice...I remember that voice, that's definitely Lucy.

"Sorry, you guys are too heavy over there," Kevin said.

"Shut up you doofus. We can't here," said in unison.

Now, where have I heard those voices before..?

"Uhh, come in, please. I don't want this to go more awkward," I said loudly.

SMACK. "Look what you've done. He's spotted us,"

Oof. Damn, that gave off a loud echo.

"Hehe, sorry," Kevin said.

"At least he seems nice. Come on guys, someone might see us out here," he said.

I look on as 5 people walk inside. Lucy waves at me with a big smile, but she can barely stand. There were two guys who looked very alike, they were standing on the opposite side of my bed. They were looking and touching every corner of anything they could get their hands to.

"Hi, my name's Gabbie, you can call me Gab. Those two are Jason and Hadrian. We're friends of Lucy," she said energetically.

"Hi, I'm Ralph. Sorry, I'm too weak to move," I said.

"Oh no, that's okay," Gab said.

"So, how may I help you guys. Though I think I already know what you might want to talk about," I said.

Gab looks at Lucy, then at Jason and Hadrian who were looking at each other before they looked at Gab.

"So, uhh, we just wanted to know what happened. You see, we were one of the people who first saw you since we were really close and we saw you were one of the ones who were there. Do you like remember anything?" she said.

As she spoke I kept seeing that Hadrian was looking at everything he could put his eyes on, he was really quiet too. He looked under the beds, inside the drawers, he even started knocking at the walls. I only got small glimpses of what he was doing because I was creeped out by the gaze of Jason, who was looking straight to my soul.

"I-I...I don't remember what happened. I was at the bathroom, then next thing I know I was down on the ground and I couldn't move," I said.

After I talked I closed my eyes and laid back. Several things flashed before my eyes within that slight second.

I was somewhere unfamiliar looking at mom who was shrieking and crying, I was at our front yard with my happy family around me, me peeking through a door with mom and sis fighting, and then I see as he walks out of the house and towards the woods.

There was one last flash, I was slowly walking towards him, whose skin was blackened again but made of torn paper. He was terrified as he crawled back. He shrieked with each step I take.

I open my eyes again, but there was someone new who was in the room.

It was him again, this time his skin was...flaking? It was like he was more dead than he ever seemed before. He still kept the smile though.

© 2021 CorvinPr

Author's Note

Please be as precise and specific as possible otherwise, anything goes. Thank you.

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Added on June 13, 2021
Last Updated on June 13, 2021
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