The love of a life

The love of a life

A Story by Cosmic kid

There once was a man named jimmy he was married to a beautiful millionaire named Jenny, jimmy really loved vodka and he was in luck. Jimmy was the trophy husband of the granddaughter of the man who invited absolut Vodka. Jimmy soon became bored because his wife was always gone on long business trips and we was always stuck in Russia. So jimmy started bringing home w****s to f**k while his wife was away. But one of the worst things that could happen to him happened, he fell In love with one of the prostitutes. Her name was Janis. After he confessed his love to Janis she fled, of course it would be nice to be loved for A changed but she simply could not afford love, prostiting was the only thing she knew how to do and she knew that if jimmy divorced Jenny then he would soon be poor as well so she thought that she saved him but only made things worse. After jimmy could not contact Janis he accepted the fact that she had left. He mourned for a week then he told his wife because he felt guilty, she was very understanding but he didn’t care he just wanted Janis back. For months jimmy would just lie in bed, he was so sad and it killed Jenny to see him that way. So in an attempt to get his attention she overdosed on percocets and killed herself, jimmy died of a broken heart, and Janis had Jimmy’s kid then died of aids and the government put Jimmy’s child in a foster home where he grew up and became a Percocet dealer. The end.

© 2012 Cosmic kid

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A very good short story. Would be a excellent story with more description of location, people, actions and situations. I like the description of the people and how they lived and died. This had the possibilities of being a amazing story. Thank you for sharing the entertaining story.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on June 28, 2012
Last Updated on July 13, 2012
Tags: Vodka, irony, rich, prostitute, death, drugs, happiness, sadness, love, envy, grief


Cosmic kid
Cosmic kid

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