The Road

The Road

A Poem by Courtney

I waited for his embrace in
The dreary, midnight clearing.
Yet, as the bleak wind chilled my skin,
I saw that dawn was nearing.

Atop the hill, my view remained
Unobstructed all around.
The oak tree's roots became restraints
And to the earth I was bound.

I cried my pain out to the stars.
The struggle of solitude
Sliced deep to leave hideous scars
That left my body subdued.

I fell to my knees and gave way
To the agonizing pain.
Abandoned, it is there I stayed
As the clouds rolled in rain.

He never came to rescue me.
I withered away to dust,
Yet it gave me a chance to see
That I had misplaced my trust.

Too late then to change my choices,
I lied content, in death, free
Of the lying, nagging voices
That had overpowered me.

With raw skin, my chains did slacken,
Leaving my arms freely go.
'Though my soul was ever blackened,
I was then able to know

The stories I heard of his greed
Were as true as the games played.
Yet I, too naive to take heed,
Had ventured straight to the fray

Where tricks and pain controlled my days;
Seeping to each grimy night.
My whimpering pleas were swept away;
With no pleasant end in sight

Until on the black horizon
Shone a bright and golden hue.
I walked the path for days and on
And the road led me to you.

© 2014 Courtney

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A good poem on the concept of love. Very descriptive and good use of wording. I usually hate poetry about Love but you managed to grab my attention with this. I have no complaints about any part of this. Good job!

Posted 4 Years Ago

Woah ! The talent in the youngsters on the café never cease to impress me ! Please do yourself ( and all us readers ) by going to school and working on your craft, you already have a extremely solid base.

''I fell to my knees and gave way
To the agonizing pain.
Abandoned, it is there I stayed
As the clouds rolled in rain.''

Definitely my favorite stanza. The pace is great and it basically reads itself.

Somehow, no good comes of waiting for people. Either they'll catch up to you, or meet you side by side on the highway. But waiting only hinders ourselves, in my opinion.

Well done, well crafted. Cheers !

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Wow thanks so much! I would absolutely love to go to college and actually take classes on writing po.. read more
Wow you painted a depth here! I see so many things play out, I see the scar you speak of yet I have seen many other scars in my life, I fell to my knees, I like this sound biblical speaking to fall to ones knees in a storm. He did not come. That could play out two ways a man didn't come or God didn't come. We wont speak so much Of God , but He always comes:) I think we want things to take place right there and than, but some times it just don't happen that way. Where would we be right now if not for hurts and sorrows, blames and shames, good and bad, deep and sad? Its all part of the deal. We cant learn an easy way but in times we are faced with other things and in the end we can say I learn from that storm faced my way, never shall I allow it again. At times we bleed to death before ever learning. your end was awesome-And the road led me to you:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) I love it:) You should be proud of this write because it speaks very profound:)

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

If you take the meaning to be of God (and I would most certainly agree that it bodes strongly of tha.. read more

7 Years Ago

There is a time for every one and everything:) Just glad something pulled me to it:) It was my pleas.. read more

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