The Visitors

The Visitors

A Story by CraziiDeerz

Sometimes it's best to leave the unknown alone...


The universe is full of mysteries that must be solved. The one question that most people want answered is if there are any other planets that can support life. Well, in the year 2052, Kepler scientists discovered planet Zathalon, far away from Earth revolving around a bright yellow star that gives off the precise amount of heat for plants to grow, and animals to survive.


Many men, women, and children relocated to this new planet to start new lives. Many more, however, remained on Earth.


A NASA base was constructed on Zathalon, as well as a government system to establish a new colony.


Many years after the breath-taking discovery by Kepler, all communication with Earth was completely lost in 2094. This alarmed everybody on planet Zathalon, and they all demanded answers. Sadly, NASA and the government were just as confounded as their citizens, and had no idea what happened.


Space shuttles were sent to Earth, but they never returned to planet Zathalon. Probes never managed to transmit any data back to the NASA base. This was very surprising and extremely bad. It frightened everyone on Zathalon, and so they refused continuation of all future Earth investigations.


After a few more years, when nearly all hope was lost, an astronaut named Jeff Johnson finally volunteered to inspect what had occurred on Earth, and to solve the mystery. He was the most experienced space-traveler on Zathalon. A lot of people were unwilling to send this great man on a dangerous quest, but eventually they unanimously agreed.


Jeff Johnson set out on his journey as soon as possible on the space shuttle, Apollo 85.


 “Are you sure you want to do this?” asked Mrs. Johnson before her husband’s departure.           


“Yes. I have to"for you; for everybody. I’ll return soon, don’t worry.” Jeff reassured her.


“You promise?”


“Of course, I promise. I love you.” Jeff gave his wife a tender kiss goodbye.


By this point in time, Germany had formed a way to travel through wormholes. So, Jeff was able to make it to Earth’s solar system within minutes. He looked out his window at the passing heavenly bodies, and began to recall all of the trips he’d made in the past; the time he set foot on Pluto, the time he lived on an asteroid, the time he collected a few of the rocks that made up Saturn’s rings.


To be honest, Jeff was somewhat fearful of Earth. There had been no clues or hints as to what had happened. It could be something as intelligible as the communications simply being unable to reach Zathalon, or something as outrageous as aliens interfering from another planet. There is clear evidence, after all, that proves the theory of other existing, habitable worlds.


All too soon, he was passing through Earth’s atmosphere and preparing to start his most important, life-risking and perplexing mission ever pursued.


Jeff had officially landed in what he guessed to be New Mexico in so little time. He took a deep breath and opened the space shuttle door. Everything seemed so different. The air gave off an eerie feeling; a vibe that could only indicate danger. He reluctantly began his tread deeper into the city, and moments later, found himself running"sprinting to get away. But from what? Jeff was  feeling that someone"or something"was watching him.


Mr. Johnson didn’t know where to start investigating. Earth didn’t feel like home at all. Everything was ruined; houses burned down, cars crushed, trees gone. Every trace of happiness and safety had disappeared.


At last, Jeff found a building that had to have some sort of information…the library. On the inside, there were misplaced books and papers everywhere on the floor. He had no idea as to what written source had the material he was searching for.


Then, an aged, green notebook caught Jeff’s eye. It was screaming “Read me!” at him, and it was impossible to resist. It appeared to be some sort of journal. Jeff opened up to a random spot in the pages and began to read:


“February 6, 2096: Today I warned the president about the future ahead, but of course, he did not listen to the advice I gave him. No one I talk to believes me, except my own family. All of the evidence clearly shows that something is coming; all of the earthquakes, the unexplainable fires and snowstorms, and all of the missing people. Why am I the only one who can see it? Well, tomorrow, I shall begin preparations. There is no telling when it will happen.


“February 7, 2096: Everything is all set. My family and I are getting ready to enter my new underground shelter that I’ve built. I have stored a year’s worth of food for my family and two years worth of water. I have not explained to my children why we are doing this, but they are frightened and wish to bring their friends along with us. I cannot do so, no matter how much I want to, for their parents would not allow it. My wife insists on one, last night at our house. I allowed it, but I must continue to complete the arrangements.


“February 8, 2096: My wife and children have gone missing. I have searched hours for them. I have informed the police, but I already know they cannot do anything, for I can tell exactly where my family has gone. I only have one option now, and that is trying to survive on my own.” Jeff was absolutely stunned. He didn’t know what to think.


Curious of what had happened to the man; he began to read more of the journal:


“March 2, 2096: Surprisingly, I managed to escape, but just barely. They are aware of my existence, and I am sure that they are right behind me. For all I know, I am the last man on Earth. The people of Zathalon are my only hope. Otherwise, all I am doing right now is slowing the time until my own death.


“March 17, 2096: I have finally found a safe, unharmed place to rest, although I cannot trust anything or anyone now that they have arrived. This place appears to be a small tool shed. It is very odd that this building can survive the attacks, when the Albuquerque Plaza came crashing down in seconds. But with the enemy on my tail, I didn’t have many choices. There are all kinds of tools inside. Hopefully, I can survive here until"” the rest of the page was missing, and there was nothing left to read. 


Jeff slid the notebook into his backpack and departed the library. He knew he had to have a word with NASA on Zathalon, but he could not reach them. His transmitters were oddly failing and quickly losing power. So, he dashed back to his space ship as fast as his wobbly legs would let him.


But it was no longer there.


Now, astronaut Jeff Johnson was terrified of what was on this once, beautiful planet. There was definitely something roaming the lands, but Jeff did not know what or where it was.


He was freaking out, for he did not know what to do for himself. He was paralyzed from shock and could hardly keep his mind straight. He listened to the creepy silence nervously wondering if “they” were anywhere nearby.


Jeff tried to think of anything besides the mission. All he wanted at the moment was to go back home to Zathalon where his wife was waiting for his return.


Whoosh…Whoosh…Suddenly, there was rustling in the bushes, and so he immediately came back to his senses and began to move. When he did, he heard a blood-curling screech. It brought the astronaut to his knees, covering his ears. He had to try and crawl away from the horrible sounds.


The shriek was accompanied by a slow, quiet whispering noise. It was impossible to tell what was being said. As Jeff moved across the dirt to the best of his ability, striving to survive, the entire clamor around him seemed to be closing in and getting bigger.


Jeff couldn’t stand it much longer. The whispers were getting into his head, the screeches and screams burning through his skull to his brain. Tears ran down his face as everything around him began to worsen at an alarming rate.


He felt as though what was coming lurked close behind him, stalking his every move, and driving him toward insanity. He could sense “them” approaching. They were coming after him, and the only place that would give him any chance of survival, was a small, nearby shed. He darted inside and locked the door, even though he knew that’d do no good.


The sounds of their screams could be easily heard through the thin, wooden walls. Jeff knew that this was very well his last stance as an astronaut while he sat in the center of the tool shed waiting; silently apologizing to his beloved wife of not returning home and breaking his promise.


The seconds ticked by slowly, leaving Jeff Johnson to wait.

© 2011 CraziiDeerz

Author's Note

This is basically a short story that I had to write for an English assignment...

Thank you to anyone who reads!!! I REALLY appreciate it!!!

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:) I love it! :) No more? :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

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