The Change(Intro)

The Change(Intro)

A Story by Crazo14

Hello my name is Criss Raza. I'm 16 years of age and a junior in high school. I'm a cross country and track star. I'm known in all of Irwin. I've been through hell all of my life. I got bullied when I was younger and at home it was no different. My dad was a drunk and my mom was the victim of his assaults, so I've been told.They got divorced and haven't seen him since I was 7. My mom got remarried to a man who is two faced and tries to pick fights with me, and still does to the present day. No one bullies me at school no more but still get called names. To goth my freshman year to a athlete my sophomore and junior year, or how people say it jock. I've changed my look toward the world. I do all these things for people and only 50% appreciat it. But no more talking about me this will tell you more about me and the events that happened That ruined me to the core

© 2011 Crazo14

Author's Note

This is only the intro the first chapter will be next week. Every week there will be a new chapter

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you are probally the bravest person i ever met... i can not wait to hear your story! and also if you ever need someone to talk to about it or need a sholder to cry on or a best friend.. just remeber ill always be here for you... your amazing! ... the bravest man ever!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Sounds great, cant wait, make sure you send a read request. I have never experienced half of what you have described but the other half i have, my home life has been ok, loving family bla bla but my outside the home one hasnt. I too have been bullied. Still do. So looking forward to reading your take on it. But obviously am sad that you have had the same issues. But hey thats what brings us together sometimes i guess. Good luck. :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

Cant wait to read it!

Writing keeps the dream alive

Posted 9 Years Ago

I can't wait to read it we have a very similar story except I never knew my dad and my step dad was abusive. I really can't wait to read it.
♥ Ta'Shandra

Posted 9 Years Ago

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