A Story by Crazy Cat Man

A little piece about the Cats in my life :P kitties

Cats and their funny quicks

Pooky: She was an all black cat
           She will get mad and bite you
           in the ankle when her food is not
           ready yet.

Princess: Was Pooky's daughter. She was silly.
              She wants to catch the fish in the fish
              tank. And she will jump right into it.

Cautious: Was a very smart cat. She's like a mini-Oprah
              She will get fat in the winter time and lose the
              weight in the summer time. She also loves
              boxes. And will crawl in them.

Pluma: Was an all white kitten. She loved to jump
           everywhere. She even played with my niece
           from Paraguay. They were both babies and will
           play with each other.

Cholo: He was found in a bush. He was a hairy maine
       coon. He never meowed. He did soft hisses
       instead. He will never crawl into the bed. But slept
       beside it instead. He also purred with his mouth
       open when he is happy. :)

Bindi: He is my cousin's cat. He is a devon rex. He loves
           technology. One night when everyone was asleep.
           My aunt heard loud noise. She turned on the light.
     And found him trying to use the laptop. Silly kitty.

Nube: Bindi's half little brother. He was very small with a
          funny looking small belly. He loved to eat and got
          over weight. He was very loving but also farted too

Luna: Is my brother's cat. She was declawed from her
         previous owners. She also slurped very loudly
         when she licked herself.

Bisco: Is my friend's cat. He is very weird. He still misses his
          mom and thinks he still a kitten. He will caress my chest
          and suck on my shirt like its a n****e.

© 2012 Crazy Cat Man

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Crazy Cat Man

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awesome! good thing I somehow have an idea what kind of cat Cholo is. not the typical cat though. Cholo is unique. :))) i'm both a cat and dog person though. my dog and cat lived perfectly together. Once, I saw them sleeping beside each other. really cute scene. I love them both. :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

Keen observations of kitty kharacter.

My cat's entry would be: Charlie -- found abandoned, a few weeks old, at a Japanese junior high. Likes to suckle and knead fuzzy blankets. Sort of an a*****e. Foot biter. Couch scratcher.

Posted 7 Years Ago

:] that was awesome. it made me want to write about my pets. One cat plays fetch, the other talks, one bird is normal, the other can barely walk.

And it rhymes! Thank you for the inspiration to create my own mini-poem (if you could even call it that)

Posted 7 Years Ago

Crazy Cat Man

7 Years Ago

good im glad this inspired u to write this piece :)
Aww, I loved this :D Makes me think of all my past cats and dogs little quirks. After Fleabag, we had a maine coon too, except she was chatty and thought she was boss of the house lol. All of the cats mentioned here sound awesome :) Thanks for sharing!

Posted 7 Years Ago

our pets are sp precious to us... yours sound delightful and fun. Thanks for sharing them with your readers! How cool!

Posted 7 Years Ago

lol this was cute. That was a s**t ton of cats though. :) You'll be the crazy old cat lady... but a man of course....

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

lol I know we are... but it's different. People collect cats like it's a hobby. :) I need a strong m.. read more
Crazy Cat Man

7 Years Ago

Nope its not different. i consider myself normal. I just like cats thats all. i grew with cats inste.. read more

7 Years Ago

I always had a dog... idk if I am crazy though. You know what I have now. :)

Perfect! T.. read more

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Crazy Cat Man
Crazy Cat Man

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