The Birth of the Damned

The Birth of the Damned

A Story by Lee Maddison

This was kind of thrown up here a few weeks ago. Look at the 'something random/weird' story I did to understand. Basically I'll add to this every so often, but this is the first major piece to the puzzle.


The bible is wrong. Not all of it, just certain sections. God, the Creator does exist no matter what name he goes by. Indeed to say that something as monumental and pivotal to human development over the last two thousand years is a falsehood would be wrong. The bible itself is correct in all matters up to and including parts of the New Testament. It is however that the New Testament has had some of its impact and some of the original sections removed and rewrote.  But this is covered in the story itself. However you may not like the way that this story ends. Or in the way that its starts either. As for the New Testament, we shall discover its discrepancies as we also uncover other, more curious and interesting points as well.


Back in the early days of writing, when the very ability to both read and write was more restricted and yet more valued than it would become in later years. To the closing times of the Ancient Roman Empire, back to the times when the some parts of the bible were still being written is where we can join the story. The Roman Empire, or more to the point its religious organisation, was going through a major change and crisis. The religion that would later be called Christianity was forming, it’s founding in blood and fire and death. There is a saying: ‘History is written by the victors’. And this is very much the case here, as the victors of these early; indeed these first Holy Wars have told us of the persecution of early day Christians. Of the way in which the Roman people would murder and sacrifice them. And of the atrocious crimes committed in the names of protecting the old beliefs of these remarkable people. But not even this can explain the reasons, or the motive for such actions to take place in the beginning. Could it be down to what we have been told over the last few thousand years? That the Roman people feared the rise of this new religion, and that they could not accept the beliefs of such men and women who believed in only one God? Looking back to the history books we know this to be true, but then lets also look back to the successes and achievements of these people first. They managed to conquer and control the vast majority of the known world at the time, and held onto such a great amount of land for hundreds of years. The Roman Empire, and remember it is one of the few actual ‘Empires’ to be recorded in history, spanned what is now called Europe, and also had inroads into northern Africa, mainly through the country of Egypt. Yes this was done through the use of military might, but that also comes down to what we are told in the history books that have been wrote after the events, since very few of the original documents are still around even today. You are probably wondering now why it is that I seem to have sidetracked onto a discussion of the history of the Ancient Roman civilisation and not stayed with the original comments of crimes against early Christians. It is a simple reason. It is to make you think and ask a certain question: why did these two religions start to fight each other? What follows is the answer, if you know where to look for it.


The Old Testament covers a little over seventy five percent of the text in the bible, the rest being the New Testament and the story of a man called Jesus, the son of God. But he was not the first son of the creator, though he may be in a direct sense from a father to son perspective. Allow me to explain. It is written that in the beginning God created the world in seven days. He created the lands as they are now, the seas and the oceans, the plants and the animals. And then on the seventh day, he grew tired and wished to look upon his work and so he rested. Considering that he had just brought all of creation into being this is understandable. During this time he had also created the first humans, a man and a woman. Their story is known to all, and should be known to you also. You must forgive me here; I am just trying to clarify certain facts from fiction and so I have taken the liberty of assuming that you are at least partially aware of some of these actions. In short, Adam and Eve were cast out from the Garden of Eden for a crime against the Creator and so were banished from the paradise that had been created for them. No-one knows what happened to this place, but it is dealt with at a later date so we shall not concern ourselves with it now. After they were cast out from the Garden, Adam and Eve then began the creation of the human species. Simply put, they had a family. This would become a large and quite an extended family, but is not important right now. We shall not go into the details of this matter; I assume you also have a fair understanding of what actions are involved in this process. This tale now has to skip forward some few years to the births of two very important people, the first naturally born children of humanity. The first brothers: Cain and Abel. Now this is where things start to get a bit messy. After a few years the two children had grown into men and had their own separate lives. Cain was a farmer, Abel a herder of sheep and other animals. The story then goes onto describing that both men brought forward a gift, an offering to the Creator to ask for his blessing. One was accepted, the other was refused. Angered and jealous by the apparent favouritism towards his brother Cain murdered Abel. The first murder, an act done by the first natural humans but humans who also still had a strong connection to the Creator, was a monumental event that shook the foundation of the world. Something had gone wrong, something had happened which was never supposed to have occurred. Again the Creator had to make a judgement against the newly flourishing race, and this time it could not be something as simple as banishment from paradise. Indeed this action had occurred outside of paradise. And so Cain was cursed. The bible does not go into much detail on the nature of the curse, or its effects on humanity in years to come, but it does signal a rather significant action. Cain is never heard from again in the book; in fact it could be believed that he died along with many others when the great flood came to cleanse the world. And after the flood only a few survived, the family of Noah was the primary source for humanity in later years to come.


But Cain did not die in the flood. He was a man that had a close and direct connection to the Creator, even an event of such colossal magnitude as the flood could not kill him, though it did weaken him severely. For thousands of years he stayed to the shadows, always watching the course of humanity, keeping apart from it as much as possible. He watched the birth of many nations and the dispersal of humans throughout the world. And in all of those years not once was he noticed, not once did the Creator or one of his chosen children or followers even find him, or even try to seek him out. It was only after the birth of the Roman Empire that he started to come out of his hiding, since certain actions of the different races had enraged him. Over the course of time since the founding’s of various cultures and societies something had happened to change the belief of humanity away from the Creator and onto other creatures, other supposedly divine beings. The Egyptians had their own set of ‘Gods and Goddesses’, as did the Romans, the Greeks and the other cultures around the world. This worried Cain, as he had been at the meeting between Moses and the Creator when the original commandments had been handed down. Why nothing had happened yet was unknown to him, but still something had to be done to restore the faith and beliefs of people back to where they should always have been. And so he thought to fix the problem himself, starting in the birth place of one of the oldest nations at the time: Egypt. His first attempt at this was as the guise of the high priest of Egypt when they started looking way from they’re old beliefs and more towards a single divine being. This worked for a time, until the Pharaoh of the time died and a new one succeeded him. And then all the work that Cain had done, his attempts to restore belief had failed and he once again went into hiding, preparing for the end of days.


However there was a problem, a complication to this plan. The problem was that he could not go into hiding peacefully. Unlike what he had believed his actions had touched some people, a group of ten men and women left what they had originally been doing in their lives and attempted to find the person they believed in, Cain. They had given up their lives as nobles, priests or farmers for their belief in a single divine being. After many years of searching they found him, in a small village that is now called Jerusalem. The meeting between these travellers and Cain did not go well, at least not at first. Cain was still angry and distressed at his plans having failed after so much work had gone into them. For three days and three nights the travellers tried to meet with him and he refused. On the fourth though he grew enraged by the constant disturbances to his now self-imposed solitude and in his rage he killed them. None of them had meant him any harm and he had murdered them. The blood of more than just his brother was now on his hands, and this sickened him. He had just taken the lives of possibly the first true believers in thousands of years, damning his cause even more. Considering his own mortality, and his actions Cain made a decision that has affected countless many hundreds of people since that fateful day. Using his own blood he attempted to revive these people. For some few who were not far enough gone to death it worked, for the rest it didn’t. Still, Cain had managed to ‘save’ the lives of seven of them. And in doing this he had also cursed them in ways that not even he could comprehend at the time. Cain; banished and cursed by the Creator of all things, a man attempting to not only stay out of the lives of humans and yet to remind them of where they had come from had just taken the first steps towards this goal, but by doing so had also brought doom to many of them by his act of compassion.


He had created the first Vampires, creatures that would forever haunt humanity. But who would also save them from being destroyed once more. They knew about how the world had been created, about how humans had come to dominate the lands, and they had an idea of how to restore order to the world. But it wouldn’t be in the peaceful ways that Cain had intended. It would be by the very actions that had caused their creation and damnation at the same time. The very things that would now mark them throughout all of time: blood and death.



© 2009 Lee Maddison

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Lee Maddison
Anyone who reads please comment will you. It'll help me in the future, okay.

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A good idea-I like it. The construction is a little weak and if you are going to use a 'biblical' background then you ought to get it right, even if you are going to alter it.

You have many flaws in your grammar and punctuation, but nothing that cannot be fixed. A very good idea and although not totally original it has a very clever and interesting viewpoint.

I had a look at your war stories too. Some good ideas, but again lacking the realism that most readers would need. Historical mistakes stand out to those who would be interested in these tales. I doubt an SS officer would speak the way you describe and the way he shot at the patrol lacks any real tactical knowledge.

Again, these stories suffer from sound construction, but are otherwise very original. If you would like to exchange ideas then please let me know.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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