Another Apology

Another Apology

A Poem by Cool Girl

To my favorite person in the whole world...

Standing in the center
Frozen in time

Watching the world around
Pass me by

Trying to make sense of this
But it is impossible

I've written a million songs for you
But none of them sound right

I want them to be perfect
So I stay up all night

To perfect them
But nothing happens

Maybe something's wrong inside

All my sad poems
Come out as masterpieces
Rolling down the hall of fame

It all ends up praising others
That I do not wish to name

But it's you that I love
And you never make me feel bad

So I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...

If you're wondering what I do
What I am
Who is who

I can't really explain it

If you need a little hint this time
All I can say are these few lines
I apologize that they don't rhyme
But I really think that this sounds alright

And you might want to call me crazy
Or call me terrible..

Think that I'm a stupid person
Think I'm incapable

But as long as you know this
I think I'll be fine

So here I go
Here I go
Here's my try..

I'm you...

Our souls are identical
Our hearts beat for each other

I'm you...

I see your face in the mirror
Feel the emotions that you feel

So this may sound weird
But I swear that it's true

Your the missing half of me
And when I saw, I knew

That I'm you..

I guess your thinking now
"What has gotten into her?"
And I honestly don't know..

I just know that
Five months ago
I was on the ground
Lost in a big black hole

Then in came an angel
Who flew me to the sky
And helped me grow

Now I see my hand before me
I'm never going to be strong

But that doesn't matter
As long as you catch me
When I fall

Put your arms around me
And comfort me when I cry

I feel like I'm burning
Like I'm dying inside

But I bet just one kiss could save me
From my horrible lies

From all the scary creatures
On the dark side of my mind

I'm sorry that I hurt you
I need you to survive

Your my everything and my whole life..

I think of you in the morning
And I think of you through the night

When I'm not dreaming about you
I'm daydreaming about you

So you hold the knife
And cut me from these chains

My hands are shaking
As I write these words down

I want to make you happy
Don't let anger make you drown

Look into my eyes
Can you see the fire

I can sure wear a smile
And I can sure be a liar

But you keep my heart's key
And it only belongs to you

I trust you with anything

I normally don't talk this much
About myself
To anyone

But you're the one who already knows

For im you...

We understand each other
Can get over emotional sometimes

I'm you..

So tell me, are you crying?
Cuz I can feel the tears tonight

And I hope this makes up for
Everything bad I've done

My self esteem isn't good
But who really cares

I honestly think that this sounds
Like the worst thing ever
But maybe you'll disagree
With me
And how I see myself

I appreciate your compliments
And how you call me beautiful

I wish I could see what you mean..

I'm always like
"Who is this girl that you're speaking of?
Because it sure doesn't sound like me."

But maybe you're right
Maybe I'm the one who's blind

I'm also sorry for this poem
Because it sounds all wrong

When you're sad
I feel broken

I feel like bawling
Every moment

And when you're angry
I feel like hiding

So, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...

© 2015 Cool Girl

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Author's Note

Cool Girl
I tried and failed at writing something that sounded nice..

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You didn't fail, it sounded nice. And if this is going to make you feel better, then I'd tell you that I felt that strange stomach feeling while reading this, my hands were shaking. And I just LOVE it.

Keep going! You make me feel so inspired!

Posted 6 Years Ago

Cool Girl

6 Years Ago

Thank you so much! You inspire me too. Your reviews always make me feel like I'm good at writing! Th.. read more
foufa la perle

6 Years Ago

You are good! You have to believe that, cause you are! love you.
Cool Girl

6 Years Ago

Thanks! Love you 2 :)
Sorry I haven't reviewed for so long. but I have to say im glad I waited they say that the best writing comes from strong emotion well I guess this rings true. The truth behind the poem and the emotions behind it really help the poem flow and express not only itself but yourself it allows for a much more in depth understanding of everyone who is involved and to be able to capture that is good writing. Good job

Posted 6 Years Ago

Cool Girl

6 Years Ago

thanks so much, Niall! You're always so kind :)
it only touches to those who are in really in search of real angel for love

Posted 6 Years Ago

Hi, I really like your poem. Believe it or not I had the same feeling tonight and when I read your poem I was like, this is what I wanted to write. But I wouldn't have expressed it as beautiful as you did. I'm just a beginner. Thanks for touching my heart.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Cool Girl

6 Years Ago

Oh I'm so glad that you liked it! All of us were beginners at some point. I was a beginner only a fe.. read more
this makes sense to me....even being loved isn't enough sometimes to find peace within ourselves.
we feel unlovable and can't believe we are the ones actually getting the compliments, the attention.

i think the apology is more about not being able to accept love...and sometimes that hurts another worse than anything else.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Cool Girl

6 Years Ago

I like your point of view.. It's interesting.. Thank you for commenting! :)
I appreciate how this sounds like a free write, meaning you wrote out what was on your mind. Which honestly is beautifully written. Great peice.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Cool Girl

6 Years Ago

Thank you, Benita!
Write it out....... you did. Emotions scream to be heard.
A good write.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Cool Girl

6 Years Ago

Thank you so much! Writing it out does help :)
You say that you have failed at writing something that sounded nice, but in reality, your creativity and emotions shine brightly in this piece of writing. You're writing at your absolute best recently, and perhaps your emotions are what are making that so. Fantastic job CG! :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

Cool Girl

6 Years Ago

Thanks, Dan! I've had lots of emotions swirling about inside lately.. I'm glad you reviewed! I've mi.. read more
ah my young friend, I'm pretty sure you haven't dissapointed him.
You see, we write what we feel is write to let all, is either good or bad. Now it is good that you didn't wirte something happy while you're sad because everything comes out wrong we we feel sad.
But this poem is really good an touch my heart, it was long, but it kept me motivated to read and keep reading and reading. I love the way you said about the mirrors and stuff.
Remember what I told you once, Say I'm sorry when you know you did something wrong, not when you didn't do nothing.
Awesome write CJ, Awesome write. (Which doesnt surprise me coming from you xD)

Posted 6 Years Ago

Cool Girl

6 Years Ago

You had no fault! Hahahahaha xD

6 Years Ago

you guys are making me laugh
Cool Girl

6 Years Ago

Lol Im laughing so hard
you did a great job,you are very creative

Posted 6 Years Ago

Cool Girl

6 Years Ago

Thank you, wordman!

6 Years Ago

you know your welcome my friend

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