Chapter Three

Chapter Three

A Chapter by Cre8nFrmWithn

Feeling neglected and wanting a way out...


Chapter Three



“Oh Darren”, she sighed.  “Where for art thou…”


A high-pitched scream came from upstairs that shook Zenolyn from her daydreams of the past.  She jumped up from her chair and ran up to check the kids, taking two to three stairs at a time. 


When she arrived in the doorway to the children’s playroom, she spied Damon being victimized yet again by his two-minute, older sister Darian. 


She had her brother’s left ankle in her mouth and shaking her head violently and attempting to take a toy with her hands.  She looked like a mad dog!  Why was Darian so mean to him?


Zen stared in disbelief at her children.  ‘God’, she asked.  ‘Why am I suffering so much?  My kids can barely stand one another, my husband doesn’t want to be home and I feel as though I’m losing my mind!  I don’t deserve this!  My life stinks.’


“Stop it”, she shouted while clapping her hands and stepped into the room to display the authority they both tended to ignore.  Damon screamed again in the highest of decibles.


“Darian!  Wh-why are you biting your brother for a toy?”  She was beyond and moving into anger. 


She’d never spanked the children.  Darren didn’t agree with it even though they both got their butts beat as children.  She gave Darren a promise to never spank them she was about to break it.


Darian was such a mean little girl.  She was like some species of tropical tree frog.  Amazing and beautiful to look at but definitely lethal to touch!


Darian slowly let go of her brother, snatching the toy simultaneously.  With lithe grace, she got up, gained her toddler-like composure and walked away, leaving her brother on the floor whimpering.


Zen was infuriated.  She knelt down to check on her son.  He seemed all right but teeth marks were definitely present.  No rabies but a cleaning was necessary. 


She looked at her daughter, who hummed to herself while playing with a cowboy doll.  Enough was enough and the girl had to be taught a lesson.  What to do…


With a small prayer to God for forgiveness, she marched over to Darian, snatched the doll and stood the girl to her feet.  She knelt down and looked her straight on.


“Darian, you are a bad girl.  You don’t fight, you don’t bite and you definitely don’t bite your brother!  I’m tired of you bullying him and just being cruel.  You are getting a spanking!”


Darian stared into her eyes, not believing her mommy.  She’d never been spanked but suddenly they grew wider as her body was being turned away from Mommy’s face.  Zenolyn stood, raised her hand back and swatted little Darian three times, hard on her bottom. 


It wasn’t until the third strike that Darian began to cry-mostly from shock than pain.  Zen’s hand stung, the feeling of little needles burrowing into her fingers and palm.  It was not a great feeling.  She new Darian’s bottom felt the same way.


It hurt Zen’s heart to strike her own child but it had to be done.  All that talking and reasoning wasn’t working with the girl.  She had to be taught a lesson.  Even in the bible, she reasoned, they were punished much worse than three swats!  Heck, she’d take a swat on the butt before a snakebite.


Zen turned her daughter around to face her and knelt again.  “You go sit in the time-out till you stop crying.  Then you can come back and play with your brother.  I’m sorry you had to get spanked but you will not do these things again.  Do you understand?”


Darian just stared and yelled in her face, crocodile tears falling like rain.  She was genuinely crying.  “I hate you!”


Zen turned away to Damon as Darian walked to the time-out seat, full of a pouty attitude.  Damon was still sitting on the floor but he no longer cried.  He stared at his mom in disbelief. 


Zen started towards her son but he scooted back on his bottom, away from her.  He was afraid of her.  ‘My son’s afraid of me?’


“Damon, stop it.  You’re not in trouble.  Mommy needs to clean the bite your sister gave you. Come on,” She said softly and reached for Damon.  He moved further away.  What was going on?  Now he would act silly?   Zen sighed and waited. 


When Damon didn’t make a move, she squatted down and checked the spot on his leg again.  The spot was beginning to fade. He’d be fine.


She gave up.  Zen got up and silently left the room, shutting the door on her children.  She wished she had a job.  She wished she could just get away.

© 2012 Cre8nFrmWithn

Author's Note

HI, please don't worry about hurting my feelings. This is just a hobby for me and I'd like to know what you think. Leave me a message. Thank you!

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