Chapter Six

Chapter Six

A Chapter by Cre8nFrmWithn

Zenolyn reaches home?


Chapter Six


Psalms 25:4

Make me know Your ways, O LORD; Teach me Your paths.




We walked another mile or two, as if on a casual stroll.  This boy, of mine, did this as casually as if we were walking through a park.  That must be it!  We’re at a nature reserve or something- had to be.  Why else would a little boy know his way around such a vast area and a horse be in tow?  Yes, the horse was following us.


         I looked over my shoulder and found Big Guy right behind me, on my right.  He sure liked me.  So did this boy evidently.  He would take so many steps and then look up at me, his emerald eyes bright and beautiful.  This kid is adorable.


         We arrived at a cottage made of...well, mud, thatch and stone.  It had a stone chimney and even a straw roof.  It looked like it held two or three rooms but also appeared quite large and comfy.  The door stood completely open,  swung outward, inviting folks in.


From the stack, smoke billowed indicating a fire for warmth or a meal.  It felt like a spring day so there was probably a meal brewing.  I could feel my hunger pains rolling.   Food was a pleasant thought. 


To the right of the property was a small, coop with chickens clucking about.  Behind the coop, a pigpen and to the left was a bubbling brook surrounded by trees.  A large, woven basket nearby let me know that laundry was washed there.


         The view was picturesque and I couldn’t take my eyes away from it.  The little farm sat about twenty miles from a large, grassy mound.  Set in the distance, it was almost like a mountain that made the area appear majestic.  I fell in love in a moment.


There were sheep out there- were they mine too?  They grazed in the distance, dodging the large boulders that were sporadically placed in the area.  There was small yellow flowers littered about, providing sweeter nibbles than the grass.


How in the world was I able to care for this alone?  Was I cooking?  Could I have fallen asleep in a field when my son was romping about, waiting for lunch?  That wasn’t very responsible-like was it…?


I looked down at my son.  I had a son so that means there must have been a man- a husband at least. Where was this man of mine?  I knelt down and asked, “Do we live here?”


         The boy giggled, “Mommy, you are funny.”  Quickly he dashed away, disappearing through the gaping doorway.


Questions arose within me.  I didn’t have a name or even an inkling of what I did but I had a son. I had a home and I owned a lot of land.  This was a place to die for but I didn’t feel welcomed or happy.  Why wasn’t I comforted? 


         Because nothing seemed familiar.  I was slightly pained.  Why would such a lovely place be unrecognizable?  Slowly I walked towards the door, drinking in the landscape when the boy, my son peeped out at me.


         Then voices floated on a breeze to my ears.  More people were in there; the cottage wasn’t very large but others were definitely in the home.  I hesitated a second, wondering what was expected of me.  Am I a happy person and full of angelic cheer or a downer who fussed and complained?


         The little boy was giddy to see me.  He was full of gladness, the contagious kind; there was no way I was a mean mother to this household, I couldn’t have been.  I took a deep breath and stepped inside and looked about.


         It was like a miniature castle inside!  The front room was built like an arena, the ceiling rising at least nine feet high.  It was pitched and made of clay, mud and straw. The walls were smooth and rounded, creating a huge circle about thirty yards across.  Along the walls were all the necessities a home could need:  Cabinets, shelves, an area for a water bowl and meal preparations. 


Further was a small staircase that lead to a second floor!  Wow, then there was the fireplace, more chairs, shelves and windows.  Total, there were about four windows to the home.


In the center of the spherical room was a wooden table with matching stools that were well crafted.  The table was large; about eight feet in length and around this table were people the voices belonged to. 


         At the windows were wooden shutters that latched on the inside, with a crossbar.  There was also a burlap cloth that hung over the window for extra warmth I guess.  The house’s door was doubled.  There was a door on the outside as well as the inside making a double barrier for security.  What was with all the reinforcement?


         Now, back to the people at the table.  There were three benches each side of the rectangular table and one on each end.  Three of the benches were taken.


         One man was a gruff looking fellow, with black & grey hair.  It flowed from the crown of his head down into his shirt collar and from his beard.  He had dark, piercing eyes alight with laughter from folly. 


His skin was bronzed and wrinkled from the sun.  He was dressed in pants with leather boots that tied about his calf.  His shirt was white and tied at the collar.  His name didn’t present itself to me.


         The other man was a wiry soul with brown curls atop his head.  He wore no beard but had a very thick mustache.  He too was happy, drinking a pint.


         The last fellow was completely different from his friends.  He was so very handsome but even that word did his beauty no justice.  He was tall, broad shouldered and built as though chiseled from marble.  I didn’t know what to say or do when he placed his eyes on me.  I jumped at the frisson that assaulted me!


         When he saw me, he stood with his mouth agape.  His eyes, his grey eyes widened in surprise and then made his way towards me.


         “My love, you’ve been gone all day!  I thought you’d gone to visit a friend or something. Jonah skipped in telling of you in tow.”


         This handsome fellow knew me. I didn’t know what to think so I just stood there; was this man someone I had relations with?  How well did we know one another?


         He was unbelievable.  His thick hair rested above his shoulders. They swayed to and fro, like dark ocean waves.  His skin wasn’t as dark as the first guy at the table but he had definitely been in the sun.


         His face was angled but not sharp, giving him a mask that veiled his age.  His body...well, let’s just say that he wasn’t one who sat with nothing to do.  He was a workingman; his body proof of his daily, physical labor.  I made a secret vow to know this man.  If he were mine to know.


         That’s when he stepped closely to me and hugged me.  Gently and tightly he held me.  It was comforting and if I didn’t know any better, lovingly.  I closed my eyes and turned my nose into his tresses.  He smelled of freshly cut wood- sweet and husky.


         “I- I woke up in a field”, was all I could manage.


         “Of course you did.  You go there often my love.”  My love?  Alrighty then!  “You’ve loved it there for many years.  Can I get you a drink while you recover?”


         “Surely she can serve a drink or two for us Gregor!”  His barbaric friend chided.


         Gregor (now I know his name) flashed his pal a glance that wiped the grin away quickly.  “She has been ill as of late and I do not wish to strain her.”  He looked to me again with caring, piercing eyes.  “Have a sit and relax before you take care, okay?”


         I said nothing.  I sat down, trying to understand my situation.  Was Gregor my husband and Jonah, the redheaded child ours?  Did I have more children awaiting me someplace.  If I did, what were their names?


         I pondered these questions while Gregor walked to the basin and poured me water.  He was a dream and serving me!  How lucky and unlucky of me. 


         I accepted his offering and allowed the water to hydrate my soul.  God did it taste great.  I found myself saying a short prayer, being grateful.  Funny how I can remember to pray to God but can’t remember whom these people, let alone myself are! I felt as though I didn’t belong?


         “Are you alright?”  It was Gregor again.  He had knelt beside me, staring intently into my confused eyes.


         “I just can’t seem to, to remember what is going on.”

         “Going on?  What do you mean?”  He gently touched my hand.  The connection sent a small shiver through my soul.


         “I don’t know.  I-I can’t remember.”

         “Remember what?”


I looked around the room, searching for something that would ring a bell.  I needed something that would inform me of who I was or even where I was. 


“I don’t know.  I can’t remember anything.  I don’t even know who, who you are.”


         I watched the ache hit his heart and travel to the recesses in his eyes.  He looked away and stood.  “What happened to you in the field?  Why don’t you remember your own name or your family?”


         I sighed and placed my head in my hands.  My thick braid fell over my shoulder.   “I wish I knew.  I don’t know what to do or say.  How do I live with you?”


         “What?”  Gregor asked.  “How do you live with your own family?”


         The burly friend at the table stood.  “She’s got the sickness.”

         “No.  She doesn’t.  She must have struck her head and suffers a temporary loss of memory.  She will be fine with rest, nothing more.”


         That would explain me finding myself supine in the field.  “I awoke on my back.  Perhaps I fell.”


         “You rode away with Dugart.  Did he toss you?”  The scrawny guy asked.  He seemed genuine in asking, unlike the big fellow.  He was ready to announce my contracting some sort of disease.


         “Perhaps.  I don’t know.”

         “Well, you can rest tonight.  I will finish the meal tonight and put Jonah to bed later.  I don’t want you injuring yourself worse.”


         I stood and felt the room sway a bit.  “My skin’s burned badly.  I was in the sun too long.”


         “That’s obvious.  Your entire front is red and your back is completely waxen.  You’ve truly been burned.  Should I fetch the expert?”  Big guy asked, looking to Gregor.


         “That would be thoughtful of you Donald.  Thank you.” 


         Donald headed towards the open door and looked back.  “I’ll return after sunset.  Maybe the Expert can see what ails her.”

© 2012 Cre8nFrmWithn

Author's Note

HI, please don't worry about hurting my feelings. This is just a hobby for me and I'd like to know what you think. Leave me a message. Thank you!

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