Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen

A Chapter by Cre8nFrmWithn

A strange place...


Chapter Seventeen


I wasn’t on the roof.  Instead, I was enveloped, floating in a dark void that made me feel slightly uncomfortable.  I couldn’t see anything, I tried to raise my hands to my face but nothing happened.  I had no hands.  I attempted to call out to Shawna but had no mouth, no voice.  I did my best to sit up but had no body to move.  I was a consciousness, aware but nowhere.

With this realization, I coasted through the abyss, experiencing a sense of excitement, though not of the happy sort.  It was like anxiety settling within me; something unnerving.  I didn’t know if my vision was catching what I felt but I noticed a flutter off to my right.  A white light or sorts, attempting to catch my attention.  It was bright, like a search beacon in my peripheral but not assaulting to view.    Then it no longer beamed but fluttered. 

I tried to manipulate what was me, to turn and see it straight-on but nothing worked.  I was in a state of existence only.  That’s when the voice came to me.  Barely audible, tickling at the edge of senses.  It gradually changed, taking on more, a mumble of sounds that I knew to be people.  Active people but they weren’t talking.  They were laughing.  I was hearing laughter!  And it was the laughter of happy children.

Their noises created a melodious tune.  Songs of a playground or school yard.  Full of innocence and freedom, it enveloped me granting me solace.  The giggles and yells implied no worries, only happiness and peace.  They were happy and I felt they wished to pass me the same comfort.  I was at ease and didn’t care if I had no back to lounge or legs to cross.  I too was happy.

After being encased in tranquility, I began to detect something else.  It was heavy and foreboding yet I identified with it.  It was despondency, grief and it wasn’t mine but I was somehow connected to it.  I don’t know how I knew, I just knew.

The deluge of emotions was almost crippling.   My mind and body wanted to react but I couldn’t.  I had no body.  I absorbed them instead.  I soaked every fear, tear and cloud of emptiness, wishing it would go away.  Where were the little children?  Bring back the happiness, I mentally pleaded.  The love and carefree exhilaration that only the youth can carry.

That’s when the light fluttered again.  It was bright but not blinding.  I began to feel as though a message was trying to be passed on to me.  At the edge of my mind, I strained to hear what wasn’t spoken.  Something was there.  A sort of otherworldly dispatch lingered for me in that light.  But I didn’t dare go, fearing the light would be the end of me.  A transcending into the next realm that  I wasn’t ready to venture 

With my mind, since my mouth didn’t work, I asked what it wanted from me.  It flickered and flashed a bit more before it became a diaphanous shape.  Although ambivalent as can be, I felt no fear.  It wanted to show me something, maybe itself but had difficulty in doing so.


I received the  distinct feeling of sadness and, well lost is the word that came to me.  It was communicating with me?  It flickered out quickly and then returned as the bright beam, the form now gone.

Faith.  Hope.  Strength.  You will return…

A feeling of confidence brewed within me but I still didn’t understand.  How could this light get me to understand my way?  With my mind I asked if it knew me; I wanted to know if I had a family waiting for me.  I got nothing in return.  The light just began fading.  Slowly, the brightness dimmed, leaving me in my emptiness.  I was alone again but soon, my understanding to my dreamy situation began to fade into nothingness as well.  Without realizing it, I knew nothing….

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Even though this chapter is much shorter than your other chapters I feel you did a wonderful job.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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