Going Down with the Ship

Going Down with the Ship

A Poem by OctoberDawn

Feelings about faith

I reach out my hand, only frigid air responds;
Grasping my fingertips as faith sinks deeper still.
Deep within my gut the rocky waters rage,
As darkness falls again my heart grapples with my soul.

And you were always there;
A hand held out to me.
Why do you now depart,
With my faith why do you flee?
When I need you most
You fail to hold my head,
Above the drowning tide
As doubt fills your stead.

But you always catch my hand and pull me upwards still
Before I drift too deeply down and lose sight of your face.
That is why I watch the skies when the tumult pulls me down,
While mine eyes cannot always see you, your hand is always there.

And you will always be there;
A hand held out to me.
You will ne'er depart,
You always hear my plea.
And when I need you most,
You will always hold my head
Above the crashing tide
Your grace fills doubts stead.

© 2012 OctoberDawn

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Added on August 11, 2012
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My name is Criss Hill, I'm 20 and I'm from Colorado. I don't so much consciously write poetry as my heart takes control of my pen and urges me to capture a pale fragment of the beauty and heartbreak o.. more..

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