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A Poem by Crow

A man.

Cultivated together from the frozen trail of a comet.

A woman.

Breathed into life with the light of a dying star.

Through the cosmic entanglements of the far reaches of the eternities they traveled. Through lifetimes they met, lived, and died together as one. Transcending millenia, being sent across the cosmos on death, only deemed to find one another in the next life once again.

Each encounter different, though bearing one constant. They knew. Somehow in the deep recesses of their fragmented memories they knew who they were to one another.

With each transcended lifetime, their bond grew in strength. Until it reached perfection. So much so that the seraphs of heaven grew to envy the parallel and began to interfere so that their bond began to fail.

With each lifetime, interference began, a connection too perfect to be sustained in such a feeble eternity.

The woman was lured away into the sun where she became a knight of the stars.

And the man was pulled into a black hole where he emerged a paladin of the nebulae.

And the two ventured away from one another, drifting farther apart through space and time. Their fate in this lifetime unknown.
Their destiny to meet again in the next. Certain.

© 2019 Crow

Author's Note

I ask for your forgiveness in this lifetime. And if it is not granted, then I will spend the next, and all after, trying to remedy what I have done, my knight of the stars.

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Added on August 12, 2019
Last Updated on August 12, 2019



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