The Three: The Path

The Three: The Path

A Story by Scott W. Martin

A fable representing wisdom, intelligence and instinct as physical manifestations.


One day there were three men walking along a path. Their names were Wisdom, Instinct and Intelligence. They were heading to a town known to them, seeking food and rest for the night when they came upon a fork in the road which split off into three paths. Without speaking, Wisdom headed down the path farthest to the right knowing that it is best to be consistent in all things, and while traveling in unknown territory it is always best to have a pattern of travel. Instinct headed straight ahead not wishing to bother about which path was correct, hoping that staying straight would guide him to his goal. Intelligence headed down the path furthest to the left knowing that if he did so, it would ensure that one of them would end up at their destination.

Intelligence arrived at the town first and took stay at the inn before any of the others arrived. Instinct, after realizing he was on the wrong path, braved the woods and eventually found his destination later that night. As the day broke they met with Wisdom who was just arriving at the inn ready for food and a long rest. As he ate, he told them of the lake that lay at the end of the first path. How it flowed and shinned with great beauty. And of the man he had met on the second path who had sold him a bag of fine pipe tobacco for a good price. They listened to his story and waited for him to rest before taking to the road again.

© 2012 Scott W. Martin

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I find this very interesting. I am about to head off to read part two inspite the fact that I told myself that I would only read one piece of work per frined. But maybe since it is an ongoing story it would count as one-LMAO.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Interesting beginning to your story. Manifestations of three of the basic things that we all have. I'll read on to see how the story continues. Since this is a three part story I would suggest linking them chapter like as it is a continuation of the same story in Part 2 correct? If not, seeing as I haven't read part 2 or part 3, then carry on. I'll send a link to friends I know.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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