The Three: The Drowning Child

The Three: The Drowning Child

A Story by Scott W. Martin

The second in a series of fables representing wisdom, intelligence and instinct as physical manifestations.


One day the three men, Wisdom, Instinct, and Intelligence, came upon a boy drowning in a lake. Before the others could react, Instinct jumped into the water, grabbed the boy and carried him to shore. Once on land Intelligence pushed on the boy’s stomach forcing the water out of him and then breathed fresh life into his lungs.

When it became apparent that the child was no longer in any danger, Wisdom spoke and said “It is a good thing that we have done this day.” Instinct questioned Wisdom and said “It is true; me and Intelligence have saved this boy’s life. But what have you done to help this child?” Wisdom replied “I have helped by not interfering with that which has brought this child to his present state of well being.” The three men returned the boy to his home before taking to the road again.

© 2012 Scott W. Martin

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Hmmm! Very interesting and very true too.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Scott W. Martin
Scott W. Martin

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