I Hate That I Love You

I Hate That I Love You

A Poem by CrystalMoon

well this poem basically means what the tile says.(;


okay i get it, i'm never gonna get over it.

the memories will never fade,

and you will NEVER care.

if only you could see the tears fall down my face..as i begin to cry. :'/

why is it that whenever you had a problem,

i was always there to help..

but whenever i was breaking,

all you did was sit and watch. 

everyone says that it's time to let go

and i know that what they say is true.

it's just hard to forget the memories.

i think this pain is here to stay.

you see me as i walk by,

shocked because you weren't expecting me there.

but i'm all around you..

and i'm still in your heart.

i hope i'm locked in the back of your mind,

i know you way to well.

you always want to say hi to me,

but you blew it.

i'll find my ways around it.

maybe i'll figure out just what to do.

or maybe you'll even come back.

oh how i hate that i love you...

© 2011 CrystalMoon

Author's Note

yes i know that not everything is capitalized where it should be, but i didn't feel like fixing it. lol. reviews are appreciated(:

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Added on June 30, 2011
Last Updated on June 30, 2011




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