A Story by crystalo

"Long time ago Rachel , there was a bar . A place for chill and get drunk. People were all around laughing,drinking , enjoying.
At the one corner of bar there was your father . Yes,me but I was not drinking alcohol . I was really nervous that day because I was going to try my first mental trick , okey Rachel magic trick . you see there (discribing direction with finger) , Your father was finding beautiful victim .And there I see
             A. young energetic beautiful victim was staring at her drink . I asked her to be  victim . First time she denied looking at this hendsome person (expression of unbeliveble) but after my please and glance at my eye ( nobbed his head) . She
Said okey . Mission one was complete find victim( expression of perfectness).
             Now mission two express your trick . Yes Rachel , tricks are like art with science.Word magic attrected people. Now this was time to make place hot.
            Do you know Rachel , the magic trick are very useful thing to impress people , amaze them . Most important thing you can get beautiful girlfriend . The main cause  of my magic trick. And the chance was there.
            Now back to story , I asked her to let's talk about the tv you see and I moved my hands like diamond shape . Yes it is the suggestion of choosing card type . And the word tv would suggest her the black screen we see before it get's started. Yes it is true Rachel , believe me search it on google you will find it. Then I told Her to say the precious and royal show you like . It inspires her to choose the queen . Yes believe Rachel suggestion works.
            Do you know Rachel , when you go to buy A car or costly thing the seller never gives you water . He will give you a warm coffee in good mug . He will give you warm handshake . this two things shows trust. In advertises you will see every 5seconds later they change camera view or puts something diffrent . they are keeping black frame after every five seconds. They keep your some part of mind  
in state of attrecting. Colours also make effects on your mind . I will say everything makes effect on your mind without knowing you. It is the cause everday you are not feeling same .
            Now back to story Rachel , I told her to guess the card . And my believe in science and my knowledge it was queen of diamond . And when I told her the card she looked around  at people  and there came a movement that made me who today I am . She moved her hand to her nose in science that means she was going to lie . And she said that you are right . She exclaimed with surprice that what was that. People were amased and said that nice trick kid . I really felt love for that girl . Yes Rachel she was your mother. And this 20 years I have tried thousand times that trick and I was always right. Do you know Rachel , I don't know that time my suggestion was right or identification of lie was right . Now I am keeping believe in her truth and lie because I love her and she  love me more then me . I most of day try this trick again and again but she never tells secret  and I never get truth but I believe her .
                   Someday she will tell and that day I will tell. Rachel don't tell this secret to anyone " magician
" Don't tell Rachel  big stories magician dogs don't have big memories ." beautiful victim
" I am magician ha ha ha , I can do anything ."
" I'm magician's wife ha ha ha ha , and I want you right now at dinner table."
"Okey , please one trick"
Dog barks.........

© 2013 crystalo

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Added on May 27, 2013
Last Updated on May 27, 2013
Tags: trick, mind, magic trick, science, psychology



Mumbai, India

I am simple boy who want to enjoy writting and i enjoy more..


A Story by crystalo