Bloody Fights

Bloody Fights

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I slashed the katana sideways and cut the samurais head off.


~Sabrina’s P.O.V~



  Mr. Bell had transformed the classroom into an open field. The sky was covered with snowy white clouds; a light wind tickled my face, sending my hair backwards in the process. My dragon wand felt hot, I couldn’t stand the heat much longer so I let in fall, making the dragon fly out of the wand.


  I stared at it in awe. It had scarlet scales decorating its large body; its strong winds were a darker red whilst the inside was covered in a silver coat. It had huge, golden eyes with a glint of deep blue if you carefully. Its nostrils blew out tiny bits of bluish fire whilst the tail flapped happily from one side to the other, making small gushes of wind. Its claws were a clean ivory white which shone brightly on meeting my eyes.


  ‘Shall we start, mistress?’ it asked, I blinked at it, not being very comfortable with calling me mistress.


  ‘How would you like me to call you?’ it continued, ‘Sabrina’ I said in my head, it nodded.


  “Sabrina” I looked in Mr. Bell’s direction, all my ears open. “Your first exercise is to kill two visions of what you confronted yesterday” I nodded.


  “And how do I know the wand will work?” I questioned, I wasn’t a professional at this what if the visions actually managed to kill me?


  ‘They won’t, you’re stronger than you think’ my dragon said, I gulped and looked up at it.


  ‘But still, I don’t know how to use this…’ I said to it, the dragon flapped its wings and flew into the wand again.


  ‘I’ll guide you’ it said and one of the carved eyes on the wand winked, it kind of creeps me out, but I was doing magic, that would anyone out even Mr. Bell, because if there one thing I knew about magic, is that even if you use it for good, bad comes along like a hungry puppy looking for food and that comes with consequences


  I looked around and saw that Mr. Bell had vanished and in front of me were two visions with the deadliest faces. I waved at them with a smile, but it just made things worse. They both came charging after me, I flicked my wand but nothing happened. I was cursed. One of the visions went through me making me feel dizzy and the other attacked me with a sharp sword, making me fall down and get a huge cut on my face.


  “You’re worthless, Ssssssabrina” it hissed at me. I lifted my elbows and rested them on the dirty floor, trying to get up but all I got was groan of pain. I did a pretty hard fall before and it was hurting like hell.


  I suddenly felt the urge to get up and fight, looking at the wand I frowned and the eye winked again.


  “Thank you” I whispered and got up, facing the dreadful creatures. I ran towards them and cast a spell, making them disappear in thin air. I jumped in victory and looked around for Mr. Bell, did he say anything about coming back and letting me out? My eyes widened and I started shouting for his name, he didn’t come.



~Marilyn’s P.O.V~



  I ran out of the classroom and made my way through the school, crossing the river, I found myself at the entrance of the jungle. I drew a breath and went in.


  Going through the jungle was like trying to walk on broken glass. Everywhere you went a ferocious animal popped up and you had to kill it or be their dinner. I spotted the training arena and ran for it, not really wanting to get into more fights with monsters. The staff probably put new beast’s everyday for warm up, now I was thanking myself for not having to come through here.  


  I walked into the arena, which was completely deserted, only a few polished swords, recently used armour was left on wooden tables, shields hanged on an entire wall and practice figures stood lined together in two circles.


  “What are you doing here, Miss. Prescott?” Madam Olivia popped out of nowhere. She was a tall and strong young lady with shoulder-length red hair and olive green eyes. She could be harsh at times but I knew she had a tender, sweet side to her.


  “Mr. Bell told me to come looking for you, he wants me to practice sword fighting with you” I explained, she laughed lightly.


  “Very well then, pick a sword and shield, not too heavy and not too light, quick!” she snapped, I ran over to the swords and shields and looked at them. I didn’t know how to pick swords, my dad always got them for me, but one of them caught my eye. It was a Japanese katana also known as a samurai sword. I picked it, feeling a breeze of air go through me. I smiled and went over to the shields, picking a medium-sized, silver plated one.


 I went back to Madam Olivia, who analysed my swords.


  “Fair choice Prescott, now let’s see if you’ve got the skills” she stepped back and a shadow samurai replaced her. I cursed to myself, shadow samurais could disappear and reappear behind your back, this wasn’t going to be easy.


  “Good luck” Madam Olivia said, sitting down on one of the arenas seats. She smiled at me and made some popcorn appear. I sighed and took out my katana; I needed all the luck I could get.


  The samurai drew his sword out and bowed. Next thing he did? Disappear and stab me in the arm. I groaned in pain and looked at the injury; a blob of blood was covering it but slowly dripping down onto the arenas floor.


  “Don’t get the floor dirty, the maids just cleaned it!” Madam Olivia said, I just hoped she was joking, if not this sword would go straight through her heart. I closed my eyes and cleared my thoughts only staying with the angry ones full of revenge and determination. I did a rare movement with my sword and slung it at the samurai, but alas it faded and the katana hit the ground. I did a cartwheel and caught it, knowing the samurai would come behind me; I slashed the katana sideways and cut the samurais head off.


  Madam Olivia got up and stared at the samurai’s body and its head.


  “You’re the first student to ever pass this test and you haven’t even trained with me!” she said shocked but yet amused. She awkwardly hugged me.


  “You’ve got much more to learn, come with me” she said, going outside into the jungle, I dreaded on what she was thinking about.

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Author's Note

Another update! Plz tell me what you think, review really appreciated! ^.^

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Wow I really like how you're writing now and you know I loved your writings before~! Thumbs up!

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

thanks! ur support is welcoming! ^.^
Great writing. I really enjoy reading your works. I like how you separated the paragraphs. I also enjoy how you used different ways to separate your ideas. Nicely done.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thank u! Glad u liked it! ^.^

8 Years Ago

Your welcome! ^.^

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