A Poem by Tammera

Her hair was chopped short like the life of an Autumn leaf,
And yet, not unlike its natural counterpart,
Curled with an animated brilliance,
Reaching out by the millimeter
And blessing the atmosphere around it
With its effortless beauty.

Her body was tall like the richest of maple trees,
And thus, stretched towards the heavens,
Shimmering with radiance
As it reflected divinity.

Her ambiance was that of crimsons and golds,
Scarlets and burgundies,
All fused to create an iridescent glow
That blazed with an ineffable glitter.

She was Autumn.

And as the gray inched in which cold's rebirth,
She went not pallid with the howling frost,
But sucked Winter into her warming chambers
And exhaled it as nothing more than pale vapor.

And as the tiny insect of Spring woke, 
It drenched the land with incessant success,
However not dousing her flame,
For it could not reach beyond her cocoon of fierce elegance,
And instead cascaded around its equinox.

And as heats married each other under waves,
She marinated in her own chilly air,
Which in turn fanned her fires,
Reducing Summer to a sultry ember. 

She was Autumn-
Perpetually so. 

© 2015 Tammera

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You've written this very well. I know when some people write in this style is can be difficult to maintain the subject of their work, but you've not only stayed on your subject, you've placed her on a pedestal and rose her higher and higher. Your wording conjured such a vivid, beautiful image and I could just read this for hours getting lost in the mental visual. Autumn is going in my favorites!

Posted 7 Years Ago

You're descriptive language and tone is lovely, very well written.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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