To know

To know

A Poem by Cyanthinnis

Let your life love and live.

Find me.
I am hidden amung the rubble of an old fallen house. This deck of cards so precariously balanced fell upon me.
Seek me.
Let your soul reach to where I am. Let your heart search for that which you need. I am there. Beside you, inside you. Guiding you through this life of termoil. I am there.
Listen to my words.
Let my voice be your pillar. Let my tones lull you after the day is done. My whispers calm and steady as they give you everything and yet nothing.
Know my touch.
Soft, sweet, and gentle. Let my touch sooth your nerves. Let my skin warm you. My fingers tracing, dancing across your back. Soothing, enjoyable. Needing you.
Crave my scent.
My sweet scent dances across the winds. Caressing you, surrounding you. Leaving a desire for more as it lingers tantalizingly. Your mind fogging over as my smell clings to your soul, leaving you wanting more.
Miss my heart.
The love and warmth I provide. The steady rythmic beating of my heart as you place your hand over my breast. The tender caress of my hands upon your face so much a ghost as it is tangable.
Miss me.
My warm embrace that comforts you, my longing eyes that pin you with their stare. My silken hair that you stroke, enjoying its beauty. My lushious lips that brush against yours, softly yet firmly. My pale soft skin that you so enjoy, as it melds against you.
In the End.
I am here.
Waiting to be rescued.
By you.

© 2010 Cyanthinnis

Author's Note

I can not and will not say what it means to me but know that these words are as dear as life to me. That the words spoken have all melted into something much more than just a simplistic poem. To know is to love, to love is to care, to care is to hurt, to hurt is to bring pain. So much, so little. Yet everything wonderous in a few lines of poetry.

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Very touching and heartfelt. I know this kind of love.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Great use of imagery and a wonderful poem.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I really enjoyed the beginning lines. I read them multiple times. The fallen house/deck of cards metaphor is a deep one and it sets up the rest of the piece quite well. I also liked the hands over your breasts line. I guess that's because I'm a guy. JK... It must have some other sensual purpose that I just can't think of right now :) All in all, it is a good write. I wouldn't say it's my all time favorite or anything but I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is one of the powerful amazing love passion poem I ever read , I am still frozen , I feel I read your voice, I heard it so clear ... this is your best writing , I am glad you have a good inspiration to write something so good , out of your loving heart ... thank you!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wow, powerful words and imagery came alive in my mind as I read this piece. Lovely work! I think it can be interpreted in different ways to suit the reader...I am interested to know what it personally means to you as the author.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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