The Hermits Decree

The Hermits Decree

A Story by David L. Nelson

Let us all join together in building a great span of spacious seperation



The Hermits Decree


Let us under some paper thin pretense feign unification but ever so briefly as we quasi-collectively build upon this very hour a broad fortress of absolute solitude without the helping hand of so much as a single long lost and forgotten friend, nor not so near, not do dear a neighbor.                 

        By decanting the happy tears of the hermits solitary eye upon its foundation do we baptize the bricks of our intention to build a recluse nation of one.

        Upon its completion let us all gather together as compactly as stars in the speckled heavens for a fraction of a split second in a festive fete to celebrate our devotion to this, our remote and all so holy, utterly lonely hermitage. For it is by finding solace in the sparse company of unwelcome strangers who practice at never too great a distance their alien habits unknown to us that we dance in joyful revelry until all shoe leather is vaporized.

        It is at the far end of a short visitation by no one in particular, nor any person specific that I do find the greatest pleasures of all in those absent from my hearth most welcome indeed. Let them not speak, but forever hold their peace close to their own distant  hearts with an abiding silence which captivates quiet stones to follow in quick pursuit of such unspeakably divine efficiency.

        May there be not so much as the dust of the thin skin of one knuckle left upon the surface of my thick and well bolted door for it is the sound of no hand knocking which is true mystic music to my hollow ears.

        When the harsh winds of my December days creep under the welded barrier to find my corpse dry and punctured by my own bones, let it stay but a little and then leave quick for I shall be wanting my silent sleep left undisturbed and unperturbed till eternity awakens me once more from my dreams of mute seclusion and even then, I shall consider that an intrusion.


© David L. Nelson April 8th, 2007 IronWorks Publishing & Focus Fine Arts ®

© 2013 David L. Nelson

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Added on February 8, 2008
Last Updated on February 23, 2013


David L. Nelson
David L. Nelson

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