Critics Stew as Critics Do

Critics Stew as Critics Do

A Poem by David L. Nelson

They would scream to silence a symphony, yet none have sung a single note



 Critic Stew As Critics Do


While the Thrush,

Meadow Lark,

and bold Crow

have all squared gravity

and tested the buoyancy

of naked space...


To fall from the summit

of any branch... but! to rise again,

not by chance of grace

but by swift wing

and swifter intent.


The Eagle... even takes fool’s luxury

from its plummeting plumes, 

while dating...

to casually fall through the ether,

during the course of its mating.


All Penguins!!

All Penguins!!

Meet within the mushy muddle!

And gather together 

to splash the proud puddle...


To stomp a wide river 

of packed puddles dry,

in hope of soaking 

a few passing eyes.


Upright ‘tis true

and mobile, yes,

each one on parade

each in particular

meticulous dress...


Hither ‘n’ yon,

to ‘n’ fro...

here they come 

‘n’ there they go...


Near as I recall

standing here dry,

it's never... I've seen

their fastidious flock 

in the realm of the sky.


Now to water born, 

they do scoot, 

like the swift killer Kite,

however, on land

they seemingly lack 

adequate lift-off for flight.


Now to fly under water

is most excellent sport,

with such liquid grace

as they waddle ‘n’ snort...


To slide across ice flows

on belly or back,

one must leave the nest

to nurture the knack...


Though the risk involved

may prove less extreme

than parachuting a plane

in the safety of dreams.



Leave the exploration of heaven

to the loftier creatures,

who by nature’s intent

reflect helium's features.


For a bird is a bird...

is it not so?

Some fly through the air!

Some flop through the snow


‘Tis true though!

Their little suits 

are well tailored...

fractionally fitted, 

frosty ‘n’ nice,

needs keeps them warm


their chill vocal winds... 

their vast verbiage of ice!


Yes! Yes!

They are hearty...

in the cool polar weather,

but they cry icicle tears

at the sweet swift sight 

of a loftier feather.


© David L. Nelson 2006

Focus Fine Arts® & Ironworks Publishing



© 2013 David L. Nelson

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Added on February 8, 2008
Last Updated on February 23, 2013


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