The Ride

The Ride

A Story by DACAC

When they were coming home from Florida, they experienced a near-death struggle. There was a huge mass of air, which resulted in an immense amount of turbulence, which caused the airplane to rock back and forth, and it also created a bouncing effect to the passengers on the plane. As the ride got bumpier and bumpier, they squeezed each other's hands tightly, trying not to think of what may happen. The pilot told the passengers to remain calm and to stay buckled in their seats. The people on the plane panicked, at the possibility they may die before they arrived in New York, crying out to the stewardesses to help them. They didn't even know what they were screaming; they just knew that they were in trouble. 
Eventually, since the turbulence became too much for the pilot to navigate through, he got the clearing to land in Baltimore. The passengers were relieved, thanking God that they were still alive. They had no idea what was about to happen. 
Just because they were landing, didn't mean everyone was safe. As the plane came closer and closer to the ground, the turbulence returned with a fury. The seatbelt snapped, and bodies were flung around the plane, blood scattering across the carpet. Once they had landed, the passengers began to stand up off the floor and search for their belongings. 

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Added on December 15, 2014
Last Updated on December 15, 2014



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