“She’s the deep end”

“She’s the deep end”

A Poem by DCT ponderings

A suitor was once warned

Consider yourself warned
stay ashore
her waters over your head

think you Walk on water-
Overconfidence your game
Go ahead, tread along if you can
But swiftly swept
into her tide’s depth
even you will tire

Now, now, put down your net
she can’t be caught
This fish flies free
No lure from atop

So Dive in if you dare

But don’t think you’ll float
barely skim her surface
Up above
no place to breath
She’s the deep end baby

Afraid to dive down?
You’ve come the wrong place
She lives fathoms beneath

Just Save yourself
Swim on by
take your boat,
head for shore
remain waterproof

Only Dive in if you dare

You yearn to understand
her currents push and pull
In your heart dwells
A siren song
Crying fate’s desire

Go ahead, chart your course
Descend this deep blue sea
Cool grey changing moods
Reflected in her eyes

But Beware!
You can’t ignore
The shadows in her depths
You’ll have to sink beneath
Gallons of blood spilt

Dive in if you dare

Let her waves roll over you
Water rush past your ears
Salt stings your eyes
Wrap your arms around her waist
Surrender to their sway
She’ll guide you down
Her Ebb and flow
to the space of deepest inhale

Breathe soul deep till gills return
Let the sunlight fade from above
into the bottomless brilliance below

Are you willing to undress?
Bare yourself clean, trust

If so Dive in if you dare

Incandescence lit within
Her waters run from the source
Their endless expanse
Feelings absorbed in every last drop
Raptures holy grail deep
that flow through her veins

But be warned!
That panic rising strangles from within
If you retreat
Don’t ascend too quick
You won't be saved

Still interested?
Go ahead dive in if you dare!

© 2014 DCT ponderings

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Watch out for the octopus.
Good write. I am afraid such warnings will not stop folk from being diving belles, or somesuch.

Posted 6 Years Ago

I wish every woman came with instructions. A depth and navigation chart, if you will... So much ocean in the heart and mind of a woman, so much, to explore. Thank you DCT, for the lesson.
Nice, to read your work again.

Diego Paz

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on June 1, 2013
Last Updated on February 6, 2014


DCT ponderings
DCT ponderings


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