Dinosaurs- A Friendship Story

Dinosaurs- A Friendship Story

A Story by Derek Thiem

A story about how to be friends.


Dinosaurs-- a Friendship Story


Once upon a time there was a little brontosaurus and a little tyrannosaurus who were friends. They played all of the usual dinosaur games together. They played hide and seek behind the big jurassic trees. The played pass with big boulders that they threw around with their mouths. And they played a special dinosaur version of hopscotch that they called STOMP! They had fun playing during recess at their dinosaur school, and sometimes they would go to each others’ homes for play dates after school. At the end of their play dates, brontosaurus would give a special brontosaurus hug to tyrannosaurus, wrapping his long neck around tyrannosaurus’ body before they would say goodbye to each other.

Then one day brontosaurus was playing with some of his older brontosaurus friends. They told him that tyrannosauruses were not supposed to be friends with brontosauruses. Tyrannosaurus and brontosaurus were supposed to be enemies and were not supposed to play together, the older brontosauruses said.

Little brontosaurus wasn’t sure what to do.  He couldn’t imagine his friend tyrannosaurus being mean to him, but he knew that the older brontosauruses were very smart. He decided to ask  his  mom what to do.

“Mama,” he said. “Tyrannosaurus is my friend. But all of the older brontosauruses around the lake say that we can’t be friends, that we should be enemies. I’m not sure what to do. “

“I understand why this is confusing for you, my little brontosaur,” she said. “It is true that usually brontosauruses and tyrannosauruses aren’t friends. But I think that good friends are even more unusual than  that. So I think it is OK for you two to be friends, so long as you both treat each other kindly and with respect.  As long as you do that and enjoy being together, I think you can be friends with anyone you want. I hope you enjoy playing dinosaur games together for as long as you can.”

“I’ll always like playing games, mama,” the little brontosaurus said. The mother brontosaurus thought for a minute before replying.

“Well, that may be so and it may not be. I thought many things that I have changed my mind about since I was a little brontosaur. But I hope you enjoy them now, because you are only a little dinosaur once.” And with that she wrapped her long neck around his, and they gave each other a good brontosaurus hug that the mama finished with a little extra squeeze. “Now go have fun!” she said.

The little brontosaurus went over to the tyrannosaurus lake and asked for his friend. Being a brontosaurus, he never had to knock, because he was so big his feet made big, loud thumps wherever he went. “Hello,” he said. “I’m here to play with little tyrannosaurus.”

“Oh good,” said the mama tyrannosaurus. “He just finished a nap and he’ll need to get out some dinosaur wiggles if he is going to fall asleep on time tonight. Go play lots now!”

The little brontosaurus was happy that  the mama tyrannosaurus still wanted her son to play with him. “Hey tyrannosaurus, “ he said to his friend.

“Hey brontosaurus,” tyrannosaurus replied.

“I just wanted to tell you I’m glad we are friends.”

“Me too.” Tyrannosaurus said.

Then brontosaurus lowered his neck and gave his friend a hug. “So, what do you want to go play today?”

“I want to play STOMP!” said tyrannosaurus.  

“Good idea!” replied brontosaurus.

And so, the two little dinosaurs (at least they were little compared to other dinosaurs anyway) went off to play and to enjoy each others’ company. And they both slept very well that night.





© 2017 Derek Thiem

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Added on May 24, 2017
Last Updated on May 24, 2017
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