Praise Song to the Universe - Movement 1

Praise Song to the Universe - Movement 1

A Poem by Derek Thiem

My attempt to show gratitude for all that is


Praise Song to the Universe

Movement 1

Oh Universe,

I come to you humbly

In the name of all humanity

Though I can only speak for me.

Oh Universe,

I come to sing a song to you,

To cherish you,

To worship you,

To thank you.

Oh Universe,

You are the dialectical tension

Of all darkness and light

Stretched tight across

The skin of infinity.

Oh Universe,

You are all ether and matter

With a smattering of fire.

You are the suns dancing

In supernovas tapping

Staccato across the sky.

Oh Universe,

You are scintillating vapor,

You are the cascading rain

Of our reality.

You are the power of a pulsar

Pulsing throughout eternity.

Oh Universe,

You’re all spiral galaxies

Spinning round supermassive

Black holes making




Like you and me


But somehow reverberating.

Fractal patterns

Echoing outward

From the first vibrations of the Big Bang.

The energy you sent to me

Through spherical reality

Comes back through me

To sing to you

Of sacred geometry.

Oh Universe,

You are azure skies

And indigo evenings

Flecked with flickering starlight,

You are the coalescence of constellations

Cutting through clouds

To land inside the mind

Of a little girl pondering pegasus.

Oh Universe,

You are the intricate

Ethereal infinite

Net of Indra’s Jewels

Constantly reflecting

Upon itself.

The never ending reflection

Of the creator of all that is.

The weaver who plucks

The strings of matter

And stitches them into reality.

Oh Universe,

You are the distilled crystal

Of the sweat of God.

Oh Universe,

You are the precision of relativity

With the chaos of quantum probability

Thrown in for fun.

You are eleven dimensions

Folded in upon yourself

in stealth,

With strings vibrating vibrating vibrating

Reaching out to one another,

Dancing madly bashing moshing

Their motion constructing the cosmos,

The cosmos gyrating inexplicably fast,

The blast from which you came

Moving ever outward

Expanding expanding expanding

Vibrational waves of energy

Sent from you to me

13.7 billion years ago

For me to sing this song to you

Oh Universe!

Oh Universe,

You are awe-inspiring majestic perplexities

Laid out in symmetry and Fibonacci sequence,

The never ending intertwined connections

Of consciousness come together

To manifest material reality

And then consider its constitution.

Oh Universe,

You are the rich illumination

Of the milky way

Spread out against the sky

On a clear night

Come together with the moonlight

To soften my way through darkness.

Oh Universe,

I come to you humbly

And sing your praises,

Will you dance with me?

Will you dance with me?

This existence is a party after all.

© 2017 Derek Thiem

Author's Note

Derek Thiem
This is meant to be read aloud. You can hear me read it here:

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Added on November 9, 2017
Last Updated on November 9, 2017
Tags: Poetry, cosmology, metaphysics, spirituality