Operation School: Say my Name

Operation School: Say my Name

A Story by Damac

Andrew tells his story, this is a quick summary of the series so people who are interested will know the story leading up to the sequel.

My name is, Andrew Marou. One year ago I was an average sixth grader on my way to the first day of Middle School in a little town called Peakdale.

When I arrived, I and everyone of my classmates were given the choice to join a secret military program "Operation School", an attempt by the U.S Government to make child supersolidiers covertly, after a massive loss of U.S soldiers in Iraq due to the use of an experimental super weapon, "Firestorm".

I joined, and I was paired with two Artificial Intelligence Unit's, Cortana and Delta, who were to aid me in anything I needed them too.

I couldn't tell any of my out of school friends, my family, anyone what I was doing. It was so exciting, it was actually hard not too.

We were told we were fighting a group called The Special Operations. The TSO are a rebel faction in the United States whose goal is to overthrow the government and bring about near-communist reform. Their leader is a ruthless, and genius, man named Lee Culiopi. Culiopi does not have remorse, fear, or aversion. He'll get what he wants, even if he dies before hand.

One day the school came under attack from a small contingent of TSO troops, we managed to hold them back with no losses. Near the end of the fight though, our one helicopter was shot down. I ran to the wreckage, the pilot had been killed, but the gunner, now one of my best friends, Alex, had lived. The pilot, Jimmy... his death stuck with us for awhile. We wore masks back then when we fought, to hide our identities from the world. The masked men became known as the "Masked Saviors" by the media.

Next, TSO tried to mount an attack on New York City, but we dug in and stopped them. We built little bunkers on the bridge that TSO was trying to attack from, and we held them back. Alex and I got paired with a new squad mate, Nicole. She proved a lot more capable than we would have expected from a girl...

The battle was a win for Operation School, but not so much myself. I got shot in the leg trying to rescue another Operative.

Things were actually relatively calm for the next two weeks. Nothing really major happened, we just trained. Then, out of nowhere, TSO attacked the middle school and the surrounding area. Alex, Nicole and I immediately had to jump into action, defending some poor women and her kids in their house. While we protected them, a Phoenix, a Operation School specific dropship, was shot down and crashed in the battlefield. I got assigned to retrieve the Pilot's A.I, Delila.

When I arrived at the crash, I found something inside the ship. A humanoid figure, but almost see through, just a shimmer in the light. I asked what it was and what it was doing there, but it ignored me and ran. After I checked the pilot, I confirmed the thing had taken Delila. I chased after it, confronting it in one of the hallways of the school. It began firing strange projectiles at me, almost like balls of lightning. Whenever I would land a shot on the creature, the armor would just glow and then send the bullet rebounding all over the place. This thing was invincible, it wasn't of this world!

I managed to finally injure it with a grenade, knocking it down long enough to try and interrogate it. But before I could get any answers, it disarmed me and continued running. Alex and Nicole met up with me at this point, but I had them cover my back as I ran into the old band room where the thing had gone.

The thing was gone, and just as I was about to call in the loss, a massive Alien ship rose into my view in the window. I had never seen anything like it, or the aliens I could see on board. I ran, with fear. Complete and total fear. As me and my squad looked out windows we saw an alien capital ship hovering above the school as it projected a barrier to keep the fight contained.

We planned to get sniping positions on top of the school, but before we could do that we were attacked by one of the tall, strong, lizard like aliens. It tried tackling me, but Alex pushed it off and started a fist fight with it. I began firing at it with my rifle, forcing it to retreat. Alex got pretty banged up, and me and Nicole had to help him along.

We managed to get to the roof, and I sniped for a little while and Nicole tended to Alex, but enemy snipers forced the three of us off and onto the ground below. There we ran across Rick, Michael, and Greg, three other operatives looking to escape just like us. We agreed to help, though it felt uneasy.

We fought with Rick and his squad until we came across a bunker that would lead into the schools underground. Rick explained that these "things" were a alien-alliance known as The Arc. He didn't know why The Arc was here however, or what they wanted.

When we were in the bunker, running down the hall, stray fire collapsed a part of the ceiling, causing rubble to block up most of the route. I had everyone go before me, and Rick reached down to help me up. As he did so, he took out his gun and shot me in the stomach. I fell back and blacked out.

I woke up about two months later. Nicole and Alex had been working with tow renegade Aliens, Slosheey and Payay, in order to keep me alive. Rick had been a double agent, ordered to kill me by The Arc. slosheey and Nicole outlined a plan to disable the ship by firing a cannon built in the center of the school into it. Slosheey was given two hours to re-enter the ship to retrieve Delila, and the ships personal A.I Alpha-Bias.

The plan went almost flawlessly, we hit the ship and tore a hole in it. But we released a horrifying biological weapon known as "Kirovium". Kirovium spreads over almost anything it can, and it takes over any living thing it wants and uses it for it's own purposes. A Kirovium possessed Rick attacked me, and I killed him. He was a disgusting mutated freak, and the Kirovium only made him worse.

We made a plan to unite Humans and The Arc against Kirovium, a common enemy that we now both had to deal with. We spoke with one of my teachers, MacTavish, who provided us a massive super-transport known as the Juggernaut. We drove the juggernaut out onto the battlefield, where Slosheey and I entered the ship and Nicole, Alex, and Payay went looking for survivors.

We confronted the Council, who were less than pleased by both Me and Slosheey's appearance. It was clear that they had no interest in an alliance, but they agreed to a show of spirit. Ratemeey, who I later discovered was Slosheey's father, and I were to battle. If I won, we get the alliance, If I lose, The Arc would disable the barrier, allowing Kirovium to spread along the entire planet.

The fight was tense, Ratemeey tried to attack me with a lightning sword, but I killed him and took the sword for my own. The Arc's leader, The Patriarch, agreed to the alliance, as the conditions stood. I was granted The Arc's reflective armor, and the Patriarch placed his soldiers under my command.

The new army then launched a plan to take back the school and burn any Kirovium in the area. During it however, Slosheey appeared to figure out that the Patriarch intended to betray humanity. Him and I went to go put a stop to that.

We got back to the ship's council chamber where Slosheey and the Patriarch engaged in their own heated battle. The Patriarch's technology was impressive though, Slosheey couldn't breach his shield at all. The Patriarch actually defeated Slosheey, and was about to kill him when I intervened. I stabbed him with my sword, and then threw his body against a wall. He didn't move after that, so we assumed he was dead. The allies could now continue the fight without fear of humans being betrayed.

Or so we thought. The Patriarch survived the assault and not only ordered the treason, but he also lowered the barrier of his ship. The three way battle between the Allies, Kirovium, and the Patriarch's men was no longer contained. Slosheey and I decided to go back into the Ship, stop the Patriarch from leaving the planet, steal back Alpha-Bias, and hopefully put the barrier back up until Kirovium had been dealt with.

The grav-lift to the ship got turned off, so we got a little... creative to say the least. I managed to fly on an RPG all the way up and into the ship through the hole we made with the cannon. I managed to turn the grav-lift on, and Slosheey, Nicole, Alex, Payay, and a new alien Brutus rose up. Our Squad fought its way to the computer room. We stole Alpha-Bias, but found that the ship was losing power and couldn't turn the barrier back on. We quickly got out of there, returning to the battle.

By the time we returned, the battlefield was a grim state. It was now in a four way war, Kirovium, OS Allies, The Arc, and TSO forces were all engaging each other all over the battlefield. After months of heavy fighting, the school and surrounding area had bee reduced to rubble. Kirovium beings began escaping into the civilian world, Alex chased after them, but couldn't stop them from getting away by diving into the sewer systems.

We found MacTavish, another Teacher Ms. Phillips, and their new friend, an Alien named Zatooma. We handed over the A.I and then Slosheey and I decided to depart for Washington D.C, MacTavish told us that the Operation School program was now in political trouble, and we had to go somehow stop it.

As Slosheey and I began to leave in the Phoenix, the Patriarch's forces pulled back into the ship and attempted to leave the planet. I had Slosheey fly me close to the ship, I threw a incendiary grenade into a crack in it's hull, and the fire quickly spread through the entirety of the ship. That, combined witha couple other victories on the ground, led to Operation School's victory in the First Battle of Peakdale Middle School.

When we arrived in D.C, we were kinda flying an unidentified war vehicle, so we were shot down. We landed in a parking garage. We ditched the crash site and started running towards the capital building where a press conference was too take place. We weren't going to make it without a car, so I kinda stole a Desert Eagle hand gun then stole I guys car at gunpoint.

We had to stop at a gas station, in the middle of all this insane bullshit. While there we picked up an Orphan named Tim, because I decided to try and do something right instead of just creating more war, if only for a second. And then we held off a small invasion TSO tried to pull on D.C. It was surprising how small it was, I guess they were just hoping the chaos of the situation would make things easier.

Finally we made it to the press conference, whe I convinced everyone to give Operation School a chance.

So then Alpha-Bias attacked us, and we all escaped back to Peakdale. I temed up with a bunch of people who I just happened across, including two soldiers who fought with MacTavish during the Firestorm incident, a android from millions of years in the past that knew Alpha-Bias, some Operatives from a Taskforce, a Senator named John Boyd, a British guy who hated Boyd for some reason, Nicole, Alex, Slosheey, Brutus, Payay, some criminals that Tim knew, Tim, and a kid we found in a helicopter crash. Not making this s**t up, that's what happened. And all together, we stopped Alpha-Bias and saved an A.I fragment of him named Adrian.

Of course, we weren't totally done. We still had to destroy the Arc's ship and kill the Patriarch. While everyone else either worked on destroying the ship or fighting outside of it, Slosheey, the kid from the helicopter crash named Anthony, and I went inside to kill the Patriarch. Slosheey and The Patriarch confronted each other, after which it was up too me to kill the Patriarch, who was to now be known simply as Hatred. Slosheey passed me his sword, and I stabbed Hatred in the chest.... but he had stolen my sword and stabbed me as well. We both collapsed, and I was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

We'd lost a lot of good soldiers, we held a memorial in honor of them. But after that, the school year was relatively peaceful. It was a little weird living with Tim and Slosheey, as well as Aliens now being pretty common sights around town. But nothing ever got out of control. Christmas went by fine, and before we knew it it was summer. And that's when things got interesting again.

A friend of mine, Eli, was attacked at his house. The attack endangered his family, and his parents threw him out because of it. Eli led a revenge fueled mission to kill Lee Culiopi, on I shouldn't have let him go on, because he never returned.

And I'm telling you all this because now I'm entering seventh grade. The U.S is on the verge of full Civil War due to the Special Operations, and I don't know what the future holds. But hopefully, it will be more adventure.

Captain Andrew Marou, Peakdale Operation School
September 2nd, 2007

© 2012 Damac

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