Old Wars - Prologue

Old Wars - Prologue

A Chapter by Damac

MacTavish and Phillips discuss the Morals and Implications of Operation School

"So these two are what? Ghosts?" MacTavish asked, reading the files on Adrian and Hex as he walked.

"No, Adrian is a complete digital recreation of a boy that Alpha-Bias knew. He has all of the original Adrian's memories and experiences, but he isn't the original." Mrs. Phillips responded as she herself walked.

"So basically he's been resurrected?" MacTavish said, a sens of stunned surprise in his voice.

"Basically, Alpha-Bias re-created both his body and mind, and thus gave Adrian new, artificial, life."

"And what about this Hex kid? He's the same thing?"

"No, Hex is an android built by Adrian's father as a protector for Adrian. Hex, like Alpha-Bias, is millions of years old."

"Ugh" MacTavish groaned "I remember when War was fought between humans and guns, not robots and aliens."

"War doesn't change, MacTavish, only the people fighting it."

"You don't see any kind of difference between the wars of the past, fought with tried and true soldiers, and the recent war fought by super-solider children, aliens, computers, and robots? I think it's safe to say war has changed." MacTavish asserted.

"The rules maybe, not war itself." Phillips said, confident in her view.

Mrs. Phillips walked off towards her car in the Peakdale school parking lot. MacTavish turned around and walked back inside the school. There was still work to be done, and school opened tomorrow.

© 2012 Damac

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Added on October 9, 2012
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New York City, NY

I'm just a writer looking for a place where I can write without limitations! I am currently Writing Four Stories: Operation School: What Lies Ahead - A sequel to my first ever work of writing, O.. more..

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