Reawaken (Prologue)

Reawaken (Prologue)

A Chapter by Damac

Andrew re-awakens to find his life destroyed

“It starts to become increasingly clear, as life goes on, that only one thing is true in the wastes. You either die heroically or tragically, or live long enough to be corrupted by the evil of the Wasteland. Of course, there is always hope that you truly are just pure souled.”

Andrews eyes flew open, he quickly sat up. He was in a room, a black room full of white lines flowing through the air, almost as if they were gliding through water.
“Hello!” Andrew called out.
“Hello.” A voice said calmly behind him, Andrew quickly got to his feet and spun around, grabbing his gun and aiming it, The Shadow just stared back at him.
“Oh well, now that wasn’t polite.” The Shadow said.
“What do you want?” Andrew said, in a demanding voice.
“What do I want? You seem to be confused, I didn’t drag you in here. You did.” The Shadow responded, it stepped around Andrew and began walking away.
“No I didn’t! I need to be out there fighting, not trapped in here!”
“The fights over Andrew, I saw everything.” The shadow continued to calmly walk away.
Andrew stood, confused and motionless for a second. What did he mean “it was over”, the last thing Andrew could remember was Quinn revealing himself at the gates of Uplift.
“What!?” Andrew screamed, angry and confused.
The Shadow stopped and turned his head slightly, “Uplift has been destroyed, the Militia wiped out and Abraham killed. Veronica and Gear led as many refugees as they could out of the city, and you currently have no idea where they are, you yourself barely got out alive, which is more than likely why you are here right now.”
“What is going on right now?”
The Shadow sighed, “The Locket is acting as Life Support, it’s keeping your body alive and your mind intact. That’s what I meant when I said you dragged yourself in here, you did it unwillingly, but you did it.” The Shadow turned and began to walk away again. Andrew shouted one more thing to him, “What about Luke, you didn’t mention what happened to him.”
The Shadow turned to face Andrew, “Quinn took him, just before he destroyed Uplift.”
Andrew stumbled for a second in confusion at what he had just heard. The world around him became “Squiggly” and out of focus. With no other option, he screamed in frustration, as loud as he possibly could. He heard what sounded like a power surge, and suddenly, the world around him fell apart.

Andrew woke up, screaming, with his face in the sand during the dead of night. He opened his eyes and brushed off his face, he was alive, but alone. He checked his body for injuries. He had some cuts on his hands and legs and a couple bruises, but nothing was too serious. He stood up in the night sky and observed his surroundings. The surrounding land was empty except for what he could only make out as the smoking ruins of uplift in the distance.

© 2012 Damac

Author's Note

It's short because it's a Prologue

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Added on October 12, 2012
Last Updated on October 12, 2012
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