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The Shape

The Shape

A Chapter by Damac

A Shape moves through a town. A town the name of which is no longer important.

The shape walked slowly along the dark streets of a town whose name was no longer important. The only light the Shape had came from the full moon, which hung in the dark and starry sky over head. The moon illuminated the town, and the shapes sunken, gray eyes had adjusted more than enough to make out the features of what lied in front of him.

Help us

The graffiti was sprayed in the front window of a grocery store, the other windows were broken, shards of glass laid everywhere. The Shape moved carefully past the storefront, not wanting to cut it's bare feet on the glass.

Plenty of food, water will get you in

The poster hung out a second floor window in front of the deli, the next store on the line. The shape looked into the bottom floor, which was covered in corpses. The smell of rot and dried blood filled the air, and the buzzing of flies played in the Shapes ears. The Shape moved on, uninterested in the sights he saw in front of him. He walked farther into the town.

The Shape began to hear the distant sound of breathing. They weren't breaths, but more like struggled gasps for air. The Shape followed the sound to the source, eventually finding a Fiend. The Fiend was stabbed by it's stomach into the ground, pinned and unable to move. It's fingers had been torn apart and worn down by it's constant struggle to even move an inch. The Shape investigated the area. The Fiend was pinned into dirt, but had been clawing at the nearby sidewalk. It was a boring sight to the Shape, not something he particularly cared for. Wordlessly and with no emotion, the Shape lifted the metal pole that had kept the Fiend pinned for so long out of it's stomach, and replaced it in it's head. The gasps for air stopped, and the Shape moved on into the town.

Eventually the Shape reached an intersection in the town. He removed the hood from his head, letting his long, greasy hair out so he could get a better look at the road sign.

Hollow Rd

The Shape grinned, he reached into his suit jacket pocket and pulled out an old, worn map of the area he was in. He found the old, forgotten, town on the map and then found Hollow Rd. He dragged his finger along Hollow Rd. until it rested on one specific spot.

Camp Fireside

The shape grinned a second time, then placed the map back in his suit jacket pocket. He reached into his dress pants, pulling out an old, black, permanent marker. He walked up to the "Hollow Rd." sign, wrote over it, put the marker away, and began walking north towards Camp Fireside, the very place he had been heading for for a long, long time.

Regulator - Salvation of Civilization
Bedlam - Harbinger of the New World
Both meet at the Fire's Side

© 2013 Damac

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Added on September 16, 2013
Last Updated on September 16, 2013
Tags: Zombie, Apocalypse, Prologue



New York City, NY

I'm just a writer looking for a place where I can write without limitations! I am currently Writing Four Stories: Operation School: What Lies Ahead - A sequel to my first ever work of writing, O.. more..

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