Prologue to End World

Prologue to End World

A Chapter by Damac

The end of the world is upon four children and they must strive to find a safe haven.

Andrew sat with his back against the bathroom door. The 15 year old boy brushed a hair out of his eye with his bloody hands. The bright light hurt his eyes and the steam from the running shower was causing him to sweat. He wiped his face with his blood-stained t-shirt. He could hear the infected pounding on the door, the moans and groans of the ressurects moving through the house, the taunts and shouts of the possessed from outside. This was it, Andrew thought. This was where it was all going to end. He reached into the bathtub and took his friends pistol from his bloodied corpse. He loaded his own shotgun and loaded the pistol. Andrew stood up, he turned and faced the doorway. He pumped his shotgun and prepared to look death in the face. He heard a screech from behind him, he looked out the window and saw one of the possessed at the window. Its bright yellow eyes, its decaying flesh and teeth, blood dripping from its mouth. Andrews friends blood. 
"f**k!" Andrew shouted and fired at the window.

Just one month ago everything had been normal. Andrew and his friends had all been living normal lives. It all ended during the outbreak, no one will ever forget September 2, 2009. No one alive at least.

Andrew had just started his sophmore year at a new school, Peakdale Central School. Peakdale was a small town in upstate New York. An unknown, quiet town with little going on. The townspeople were all very close and everyone seemed to know everyone. Andrew's grade consisted of only 16 kids. All of whom knew each other.

On September 2nd, Andrew was walking his little brother Luke to school. Luke was nine years old and entering fourth grade. He was tall for his age and had curly blonde hair and brown eyes. He was very talkative and Andrew liked having him around.
"And so then this other kid at camp, Ivan, came up and said 'I'm glad you were on my team and I was like, 'Thanks' and we were best friends for the whole summer."
"I know, remeber I worked at camp? I met Ivan?"
"You introduced me like four times." Andrew said as the two approached the school.
"He said he was moving to Peakdale." Luke said. "Maybe he'll be in my class. And he can come over and we can play games and we can eat snacks and..." 
"Lets calm down alright Luke."
"Sorry." Luke said.

The two arrived at the school and Andrew dropped Luke off at his classroom. "Have a good day Luke."
"I will."
"Stay out of trouble."
"Uh-hu. Ivan!" And Luke was off, Ivan was in his class afterall.
Andrew turned and began to put his Ipods earbuds in when he heard a voice behind him, "Little brother?" 
Andrew turned around and came face to face with a cute girl. She looked about his age, she had brown hair and eyes and was on the tall side. She was thin and had a cute face. Andrew was already starting to like her.
"Ya, Him." Andrew said pointing to where Luke and Ivan were talking. 
"Oh really, my little brother is the boy hes talking to, Ivan." The girl said.
"So your Ivans sister. My brother met yours at camp. They seem to really like each other."
"He must be Luke then."
"Yup, he's Luke."
The two stood there akwardly for a second. 
"I'm Andrew." Andrew said holding out his hand.
"Pleased to meet you, I am Casey." Caey reached out and shook Andrews hand. The two began to walk too class. "So are you a sophmore?" Andrew asked.
"Yup and I beleive you are too?" 
"Ya I am... what is going on here."
The two came across a circle of people. They worked their way into the middle of the circle. A fight was going down.
"Yo Jeremy, just shut the f**k up and I won't knock the f**k out of you!"
Jeremy seemed to be moving uncontrollably. He was violently twitching all over his body. His hands, arms, legs, feet, head, were all shaking, and shaking hard.
"Eat it c**k-sucker, I'll f**k your mom after I deal with you!"
"Thats it." The first boy took a swing at Jeremy and His fist hit right in Jeremy's cheek. Jeremy stopped moving. He turned his head to look at the other boy. Blood dripping from his mouth, Jeremy opened his mouth wide, let out a blood-curdling screech and attacked the other boy. He tackled him to the ground and began to claw at him, not punch him, literally clawing him. He was beggining to draw blood as the boy fought to get Jeremy off him, blood was poooling around the other boy as more students attempted to get Jeremy off of him.
"I can't watch this." Casey said.
"Yeah lets get to class." Andrew said.

The two boys were seniors and thus not in Andrews class. However, several of the students who tried to get Jeremy off of the boy were in Andrews class. They arrived late, with cuts and bruises all over their body. 
"Where were you three?" The teacher, Mr. Phillipson asked.
"Sorry Mr. Phillipson, principal wanted to talk to us."
"Understood, sit down please."
The three boys sat down and Mr. Phillipson resumed his lecture about the French revolution. Andrew was sitting in a seat by the windows. He gazed out the window. The school was built in the middle of a nice neighborhood and there were houses all around it. As Andrew gazed out the window one house, a small brown one caught his attention. 

Since he was on the third floor of the school he could see the house's backyard. In it was a man, he was about midlle aged, balding with black-gray hair. He was heavy set and wearing only a undershirt and jeans. The man was pacing around the backyard, flipping over lawn furniture and thrashing about. As Andrew watched he could see that the man's shirt was blood stained. 
"Mr. Hastine, are you day-dreaming?" Mr. Phillipson asked Andrew, in front of the whole class. "Yes, sorry." The class giggled a little, but Mr. Phillipson kept a cold face, bittered by years of teaching. "Don't do it again." He said.
"Sorry." Andrew said. When Mr. Phillipson was distracted Andrew turned back to the window. In the time that had elapsed between his viewings a women had appeared in the backyard patios glass doorway. She had opened the door and seemed to be shouting at the man. The man just stood and watched he began to get into a crouching position, almost like he was preparing to pounce on something. The woman backed up and slammed the door shut. The man ran straight at the door, slamming directly into it. He began to smash it with the palm of his hands. With every hit, the glass was getting bloodier and bloodier.
"Andrew! Pay Attention!" Mr. Phillipson said.
"No, I think you should come see this." Andrew said, still staring out the window. Mr. Phillipson and the rest of the class walked over to the windows and looked out. 
"What are we looking at?" Mr. Phillipson said.
"The brown houses backyard." Andrew said pointing. 
The class watched the out the window as the man continued to beat the now dark red glass. Andrew could tell the glass was beggining to splinter. Within seconds, the door broke down and the man ran inside. 

The class watched for a second as nothing happened. Then they saw movement on the houses back, second floor porch. The women came running out of the door to the porch and slammed it shut. She ran to the edge of the porch and rested, watching the door. The man soon appeared in the doors window, causing a few of the kids in the classroom to jump with shock. The man began beating the door until it swung open. He ran out onto the porch and turned to face the women. The women had been struck with fear. She was unable to do anything, she couldn't even defend herself. She just stood there as the man ran up to her. He grabbed her and attacked her, clawing at her, punching her, and from what Andrew could tell, biting her. Finally the man backed off. He jumped from the porch into the backyard. He ran and hopped the fence and headed towards the school. Andrew opened the classroom window. "Yo whats your problem man?"
The man stopped, he looked right at Andrew, his face covered in blood, his eyes bloodshot. He showed his teeth, made a shouting noise, and continued running towards the school.
"Someone call 911." Mr. Phillipson said. Several students backed away to call in the attack. Only Andrew, Mr. Phillipson, and Casey were left watching what happened next.

The woman, still on the porch, knealt down holding her neck. The three watched as she leaned over and began to cough up blood. 
"s#%$& she needs help." Andrew said. He stood up and ran out the classroom door. Mr. Phillipson walked into the hallway, "Where are you going?"
"I'll be right back."

Andrew ran over and hopped the fence into the houses backyard. It was dead silent. He moved through the back-yard and into the house. He carefully stepped over the broken glass and into the house, looking around. The house had been destroyed. Everything was broken, tipped over, or otherwise on the ground. The sight was strange and overwhelming. Andrew picked up a Wooden Baseball Bat from the wreckage, just in case psycho man came back.

Andrew walked out onto the porch and looked around. The woman was still sitting in the corner of the porch. "Hey, hey are you okay?" Andrew asked. The woman kept sitting with her head down.
"Hey if you want me to help you you have got to talk to me."
The women continued to not respond. Andrew put down the bat, "Look i'm not gonna hurt you, just tell me if your okay or need help."
At this, the woman began to lift her head. Her long brown hair parted and Andrew could see her face. Covered in blood with bloodshot eyes. The woman bared her teeth. 
"s**t." Andrew said.

"What's he doing." One of the students asked.
"I don't know."
The class watched as Andrew tried to talk to the women. They watched her raise her head.
"He's so fucked." Casey said.

The woman lunged at Andrew. He pushed her back as she snarled in his face. Andrew managed to quickly punch her, giving him time to grab his bat. The woman tuned and flung herself at him. Andrew held out the bat to block her. She chomped down on it hard. She began to flail her Arms wildly, trying desperatley to hit him. Andrew shoved her back, and while she stumbled, hit her with the bat. Hard agaist the side of the head.

"Oh my god!" Someone in the Classroom shouted. "He killed her."
"Didn't look like he had much choice." Someone else had.
"No, No he didn't."

Andrew walked past the classroom, blood on his shirt. Casey ran out into the hallway. "Everyones talking about what you did. Would you mind explaining yourself?"
"I'm getting Luke and I am going home. This is a lot worse than it looks, and I can tell. You and Ivan welcome to join me if you would like."
"You sound like a crazy person. Nothing is happeneing."
"Nothing is happening? That women was completley normal until that man attacked her. The second she got bit, Boom! She went crazy like him."
"Oh so what, their zombies?"
"You could say that. A zombie is more like a walking corpse. The living dead. Sort of like the 'Of the Dead' movies. No these are quicker. They aren't dead, something just fucked with their minds thats all. They got reverted back to animal instincts. Their infected"
Casey wasn't buying it, "I guess Jeremy's a zombie, i'm sorry 'Infected', too than?"
"Ya, but he was different. He wasn't dead and he wasn't infected by anything."
"How do you know?"
"He was talking, full blown conversations. Something thats reverted to animalistic instincts wouldn't do that."
"So what, he's possessed?"
Andrew stopped moving and looked Casey dead in the face. "Oh your kidding me!" She said.
"Casey, you have to beleive me!"
"I thought you were normal Andrew." Casey said walking away.

Andrew continued towards Lukes classroom. He walked inside, knocking on the open door.
"Knock, knock, Luke lets go." Andrew said.
"Excuse me who are you?" The teacher said. She was giving Andrew a cold look.
"I'm Lukes brother. We are leaving."
"Are you his parent or legal guardian."
"No mam, but at this point, I don't give a f**k."
The teacher looked at Andrew shocked, she seemed as if she was going to offer a rebuttle, but then she saw Andrews bat and kept her mouth shut "Luke get your things."
"You too Ivan." Andrew turned aroind and saw Casey standing behind him.
"Why are you..."
"...Here? I don't beleive you. Not yet. But its better than going to school."
Andrew smiled, "You two come on."

Andrew got a good look at Ivan. He had medium length black hair and was a little pudgy. "Kid lets go." Andrew said, leading Ivan out the door. Andrew, Luke, Casey, and Ivan headed for the exit of the school.
"Where are we going?" Luke asked.
"Home." Andrew said continuing to look straight.
"Are we going home?" Ivan asked Casey.
"No, were going to Luke and Andrew's house."
"When are we going home?"
Andrew and Casey looked at each other, "Not for awhile."
"Yay! Sleepover!" Luke and Ivan both chanted.

As the group neared the schools exit closest to Andrew and Lukes house they heard a voice behind them.
"Going somewhere?"
The four turned around and saw the principal. Andrew could immediatley tell he was possessed. The erratic movements, the almost glowing yellow eyes, the pale skin. Andrew attempted to talk to him anyway.
"Sir, we were just... Holy s**t that is really scary."
The principal had jumped onto a wall and was now advancing on them from the ceiling, "Now do you beleive me?" Andrew said, looking at Casey.
Casey, in shock, could only nod her head.

The Principal screeched as he bounded towards Andrew. Andrew swung and hit him with his bat, but noticed it hadn't killed him.
"Run!" Andrew shouted.
"What?" Luke and Ivan asked, confused by the whole situation.
"Run!" Casey shouted, grabbing the twos hands and chasing after Andrew.

The group moved quickly through the town. The ran through town square where they saw an even more horrible sight. Zombies, real ones. The living dead walking around. Their decaying skin and rotten clothing falling off piece by piece. They walked around the town with a sort of stumble, with no real objective in mind. 
"Holy F**k." Andrew said, "We've got three types of zombies to deal with."
"Like what... the....f**k" Casey said, out of breath.
"Hang on let me work it out in my head." Andrew said. "These... Ressurects kill humans and make more Ressurects. Infected attack and make more infected. And some people just become possessed. And all three we've only seen attacking humans. Awesome."
"Yeah. We are fucked." Casey said.
"Yup." Ivan said, starting to understand the situation.
Andrew looked out into the town, hoping to find a hunting store or something.
"Bob's hunting supplies, lets go." Andrew said, seeing the store through the horde of ressurects.
"I don't think we should..." Luke began to say. All four kids then heard the loud screech of something coming from the school. Andrew looked at Luke, "You were saying?"
"Nothing, lets go."

The group made their way through the horde.
"I know some of these people!" Casey whispered to Andrew, who swang his baseball bat to knock people out of the way. 
"Don't say that to loudly." Andrew whispered. "We don't want to freak out Luke and Ivan."
"Your wearing blood-stained clothing! Your beating people to death with a wooden bat! I think they are freaked out enough."
"Quiet!" Andrew said as the group arrived at the store.

Andrew tried the front door, but to his luck it was locked. "F**k!" Andrew said.
"How are we gonna get in?" Ivan asked.
"Ya how?" Casey added.
"Don't be stupid." Andrew said. He swung the bat at the window, shattering it. But setting off the stores alarm. 
"Ya what was that about don't be stupid?" Casey asked sarcastically.
"Let's get inside." Andrew said, ignoring the comment.

The four kids climed through the broken window. Andrew immediatley gave instructions as he closed the window blinds. "Luke and Ivan, find as much Ammo as you can, and Anything to carry it with. Casey get this Alarm turned off. I'm gonna get the weapons." 
"Alright!" Everyone said running to do their jobs.
Andrew began to pick up several weapons off racks, behind the counter, and in the stores warehouse. Among them he found pump shotgun, double barrel shotguns, .44 magnums, Desert Eagles, M1911 .45's and the semi-automatic M1A1.
"Ya this is definetly more of a gun store than a hunting store." Andrew said to himself.
"Got it!" Casey said as the Alarm went off.
"And we have everything we could find." Luke said.
"Bags and bags of it!" Ivan added.
Andrew checked the bags to make sure the two had gotten Ammo for the guns he had found, and was pleased to see they had.
"Six bags thats alot guys." 
"Ya we know."
"Casey, me and you each take one bag and they will..." Andrew paused. He heard a soft sound of shouting and screeching. The other three began to hear it too.
"You don't think..." Casey began.
"No it's them." Andrew said.

"There has to be a way out of here!" Andrew said.
"There isn't. Other than the front entrance, no."
Andrew lifted one of the blinds and looked out the window. He could see the possessed leading the infected towards the town center.
"What about a second floor?" Andrew said.
"What about it?" 
"Is there one?"
"Yes." Casey said.
Andrew loaded a shotgun, "Lets go!"
The four ran up the stairs to the secnd floor apartment complex. "We just need to find a fire escape or something." Andrew said.
"Then what, we become an easier kill?" Casey asked.
"Are you ever positive?" 
Andrew smiled, but the smile quickly faded away as he heard the windows downstairs being broken, and a deep voice shout, "Spread Out! Find them! I love fresh meat!"
"F**k." Andrew thought to himself.

The group arrived at the end of the hallway and found a window to a fire escape. Andrew shot the window open. "Oh now they are definetly going to come an kill us." Ivan said.
"Keep quiet and get out the window!" Andrew said pointing his gun down the hallway. Three infected appeared at the end of the hallway and spotted Andrew, they began to run towards him. 
"Go!" Andrew said. He fired the shotgun, managing to hit two of the infected. The blood splattered againt the walls and Andrew almost looked away, it was making him sick. But the third infected kept running, and Andrew had to kill it. 

Andrew jumped out the window landing in the street. Casey was a couple feet away in a car with Ivan and Luke in the back seat. It was a big black hummer.
"This is perfect!" Andrew said. 
"Yeah get in quick, I almost have it... Yes!"
Andrew jumped into the passenger seat. He sat down tired, letting a big breath escape him.
"Where do you live?" Casey asked.
"44 Pelham road. Go fast we don't want them following us."
The four heard a voice outside the car.
"There! In the car! Kill them and save me some!" 
"Go now please." Luke asked. Casey stepped on the gas and zoomed out of the town center.

The group arrived at 44 Pelham road. It was a small community of large houses. Andrew and Luke were right in the center and had ome of the largest houses.
"This is your house?" Ivan said, amazed by the size.
"Yeah, quick lets get inside." Andrew said. The group ran into the house, locking the door behind them.
"Luke and Ivan go find all the tools and supplies you can. Me and Casey are going to move the furniture to block the doors."
"Okay!" Luke said, he turned to Ivan, "Come on!" The two ran off into the house.
"Aren't your parents going to be home soon?" Casey asked.
"Doubt it, they work in the city. Don't tell Luke, but if this is happening in the city they are probably dead."
"I'm sorry for your unconfirmed loss?"
"I'm sorry for yours."
As he said that, the whole situation came crashing down on Andrew. He'd been so pumped up by Adrenaline he hadn't stopped to think about whay was happening. Zombies had risen, people he knew could be dead, he and his brother were no longer safe. Even if they boarded up the house they would have to leave sometime. 

As Casey and Andrew moved furniture in dead silence, they started to hear footsteps coming from the floor above. "Someone's here." Casey said.
"s**t." Andrew said, loading his shotgun.

© 2011 Damac

Author's Note

Grammar isn't something you need to worry about, concentrate on the story and characters.

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ok, crassness could be toned down, could be revised to look more presentable :)

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