Boys day at the Beach

Boys day at the Beach

A Chapter by Damac

Connections can be made, just spend some time together

Andrew stood on the beach shirtless. It was dark, windy, and cloudy, so he wasn't really sure why he was at the beach. His four foster brothers stood around him.
"Well I guess we better go find a spot." Andrew said.
"Look around, the place is empty." Luke said.
"Yeah, yeah I noticed that."
The group placed their towels and bags down in a cluster and prepared to go into the water. 
"You know I hate that Mrs. Smith is making us do this." Luke said.
"You hate everything." Tim said.
"Shut up, I do not!"
"Keep telling yourself that Luke. Now come one guys lets get to the water." Andrew said. Andrew began to run to the water, and he saw Andy, Luke, and JJ following him. But he looked back, and saw Tim sitting alone on his towel, knees pulled up to his chin. Andrew began to walk back.
"Andrew where ya goin?" Luke shouted to him.
"I'll be right there, don't worry."
Andrew walked back and sat next to Tim "Whats going on little man?"
"I just don't like the water."
"Oh come on, we came all the way to the beach and now you tell me you don't like water? Come on man."
"I just don't."
"Why not?"
"Because I don't."
"You afraid of the water?"
"Do you not know how to swim?"
"That sounds like a yes."
Tim huffed, "Whatever so I don't know how to swim. You can't get me to the water. And don't try doing the sympathetic older brother thing to me. Its not going to work."
"Damn, sometimes your too smart for your own good."
Tim smiled and Andrew stood up. "You leaving?" Tim asked.
"Yeah, come on, take my hand."
"Umm, no, i'm gonna pass."
"Well Tim you may be smart for an eight year old." Andrew said, bending down and wrapping his fingers around Tim's stomach, "but you certainly aren't big for one."
"Oh no! Put me down now!" Tim said, his barefeet dangling in Andrews face.
"Nah!" Andrew said, running down to the water and throwing Tim in, in the middle of the other three boys. Tim was laughing all the way. 

© 2011 Damac

Author's Note

Meant to be a shorter chapter

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Added on September 22, 2011
Last Updated on November 18, 2011
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