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A Chapter by Damac

Silence is golden, but a curse

Andrew walked into the basement of the home. It was around seven o clock on  a saturday night and Andrew just wanted to spread out on the couch and watch some T.V. Tim and Luke were upstairs in the living room, Andy was in bed, Kyle was on the computer and Hallie was doing some homework so he was sure he was in the clear.
As Andrew walked down the stairs and turned the corner, he was met with the sight of the T.V being on and JJ sitting on the couch watching it.
"Oh JJ, sorry. Didn't know you were down here." Andrew said, awkwardly. He didn't really like talking to JJ, mostly because JJ never responded.
JJ stared at Andrew.
"Okay, I'll just be going then." Andrew said. He turned around and began to walk back toward the staircase, but decided that wasn't the right thing to do. He looked back and saw JJ staring blankly at the T.V, but Andrew couldn't help but think he seemed sad.
Andrew walked back over, "So what are we watching?" He said, sitting down on the opposite side of the couch.
JJ didn't say anything.
"Oh come on JJ, you need to talk to me at some point."
JJ looked at Andrew, giving him an odd, uncomfortable stare, "Psych." he said.
"Oh, cool, i've watched that before. Good show."
JJ smiled, but didn't say anything.
The two watched the show, they laughed together at the funny parts, and hung at the edge of their seats during the suspenseful parts. All in all, the two had a pretty good time watching the show. At its end, JJ turned off the T.V. The two laid back in their seats and looked at the ceiling.
"JJ, can I ask you a question?" Andrew asked.
There was a hesitation, but eventually JJ said "Yes."
"Why don't you talk?"
"Why should I? So that I can bond with you guys, get close to you, just to get torn away or betrayed by you. Say one thing that will make you want to hurt me. Bring pain to my life. All reasons not to say anything, just float through life. I don't cause conflict, I don't wan to."
"Wow." Andrew said.
"What your impressed that I can talk?"
"No, i'm impressed that you have a good reason." Andrew said.
The two sat in silence for a little while longer, but then JJ asked something, "Why are you so protective?"
"The second you heard Luke was in trouble, you came running to the rescue. You stopped the other kids from harrassing me during "family bonding", and when Luke told you that we were all being threatened by Nikolai, you came to the rescue. Why?"
Andrew breathed a slight sigh, "No one was there for me, hell thats part of the reason I'm here, so why not do my best to keep you guys safe. Ya know?"
"Ya, ya I guess."
The two sat in silence for another ten minutes, before finally, Andrew got up and said,"Enough, time for bed."
"Lets go."

© 2011 Damac

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Added on October 13, 2011
Last Updated on November 18, 2011
Tags: Kids, Foster, Experimental



New York City, NY

I'm just a writer looking for a place where I can write without limitations! I am currently Writing Four Stories: Operation School: What Lies Ahead - A sequel to my first ever work of writing, O.. more..

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