A Chapter by Damac

Halloween. Sometimes, your costume has a deeper meaning


The cool night air blew through the windows of the house. Andrew was applying the last of vampire face paint to Tim’s face as he prepared to go trick-or-treating.

“Make sure you get the white all over my face.” Tim said, waving his hand in front of his face.

“I know how to put face paint on someone, Tim.” Andrew responded.

“You say that now, but when I don’t look undead, you’ll be disappointed.”

“No, actually, I’ll be fine. Your the one that will be disappointed.”

Tim gave a slight smirk through the face paint. As Andrew continued to focus on Tim, a small, colorful shape snuck-up behind him. He saw a shiny blade appear out of the corner of his eye, it swung down and he felt it stab him in the back. Andrew spun around and saw A demented face, a clown face, but the mouth was all twisted, the eyes were evil, and the hair was simply crazy.

“Andy, what did Mrs. Smith tell you about the fake knife?” Andrew said, pulling Andy’s mask off. Andy was smiling and laughing.

“Don’t stab people.” Andy said through giggles.

“That’s right. now go find your bag, it’s almost time to go. Tim your done by the way.”

Tim jumped off his stool and placed his vampire teeth in his mouth. He lifted his cloak around himself as if spreading his wings, and hissed at Andrew. “Yes, yes your very terrifying. Just go get your stuff.” Andrew said. Tim smiled and went to grab his bag.

Andrew walked up the stairs and too the boys room, he started to gather the pieces of his costume together when Kyle appeared in his doorway.

“You get stabbed by Andy yet?” She asked.

“Yeah, 6 year olds shouldn’t be allowed to play with fake knives.”

“Yeah tell me about it. So, you ready to go?”

“Are you? You don’t seem dressed up at all.”

“Neither are you!”

“I’m getting dressed!” Andrew said. He put on a nice suit and began painting his face to look like a skull.

“What are you?” Kyle asked.

“Jack Skeleington.” Andrew said, Kyle gave him a confused look.

“Really? You don’t know?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Alright when Halloweens over, we are watching A Nightmare before Christmas.”

“Haha, whatever you say. Hey, i’m gonna go get my costume ready, find Luke and JJ, i’ve got Hallie.”

“What do you mean you’ve ‘got’ Hallie?”

“She’s trying to dress in some s****y devil costume. She’s ten years old for god sake.”

Andrew walked out into the hallway and over to the bathroom. He saw the light from the crack at the bottom, and figured he knew who was in there. Andrew went up and knocked on the door.

“Luke you in there?” Andrew said.

“Just a minute.” Luke shouted back “I’m just finishing up my costume.”

“Hey let me see.” Andrew said, opening the door. He found Luke staring into the mirror, a couple bottles of Hallies make-up sitting on the counter. His hair was also, now Jet black and his skin looked paler.

“Luke... what are you dressing as?” Andrew asked.

“A goth person.” Luke said quickly turning to face Andrew, allowing him to see the sparkles of glitter and black lipstick on his face.

“Then why are you using glitter?”

“No... reason.” Luke said, sounding a little unprepared.

“Uh-huh. How about you go downstairs.” Andrew said. Luke looked disappointed, but did as he was told.

Andrew then walked down to the basement, dealing with another stabbing along the way. In the basement he found JJ, sitting on the couch. He was dressed as the grim reaper, with a black fabric mask which covered his whole face as well as a hood to cover his head.

“You ready to go?” Andrew asked. JJ slowly turned his head towards Andrew. “Yes, to answer your question, JJ, that was creepy. Just come upstairs with me.”

The five boys waited in a group in the living room for the girls.

“What’s with the make-up Luke?” Tim asked, tauntingly.

“What’s with yours?” Luke responded. Tim hissed angrily.

Suddenly, they heard the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs. They turned and saw Hallie and Kyle coming down the stairs. Hallie was wearing the devil costume, but had a little more covered up. But Andrew’s eye was caught by Kyle, who was dressed as a cop. Not just any cop though, a hot cop.

“Hey...Kyle...” Andrew said.

“Hey. Are we all ready to go?”

“No! No! No!” Mrs. Smith yelled, running into the room. “This is all your’s first halloween with us, so i’m gonna need a picture.”

The whole group sighed.

“Oh come now, it’s not that bad.” Mrs. Smith said, taking out a camera. “Now get close together, I want you all in the frame.”

The seven kids squeezed together and smiled for the Camera. Mrs. Smith took the picture, “Perfect.” She said “Now each of you individually.”

The whole room moaned again.

© 2011 Damac

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Added on November 4, 2011
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