Archive: Halloween Lights

Archive: Halloween Lights

A Story by Damac

Archived Chapter

"Alright listen up!" Andrew said loudly. The seven kids were standing on the houses front lawn. It was seven in the morning, and rather cold for Florida, but Andrew didn't care. He was going to get todays chores out of the way, because these chores were big. "Halloween is just around the corner, and the Smiths have asked us to set up the decorations. So, we are splitting up jobs."
"How so?" Kyle asked, raising an eye brow at Andrew.
"You, JJ, and I are setting up the lights around the house. Luke and Hallie, you guys are setting up the Decorations outside, and Tim and Andy will set them up inside."
"Wow, that actually sounds... fair." Luke said, slightly astonished.
"Yes, yes it is. Now we have to get to work fast. I want this stuff done before Lunch, got it?"
"Got it." The six kids said in unison.
"Let's go!"

Tim grabbed Andy's hand "Andy come on, lets go upstairs and get the decorations!"
"Okay!" Andy said. The two young boys ran upstairs to the attic.

The Attic was old and dusty. It smelled of rotting wood and forgotten junk. Tim led Andy into the Attic, holding his hand the entire time. "Andy... lets get the stuff and leave." Tim said. 
"O-Okay..." Andy replied. The two walked quickly through the attic until they found a box marked "Halloween Decorations".
"Got it" Tim said, quickly grabbing the box, turning, and running out of the attic. Andy looked back and noticed Tim seemed to have forgotten something. A small statue of what seemed to be an old man, with decayed skin and a twisted, mean face. Andyquickly grabbed it, "Tim wait!"

Outside, Luke was putting up a fake Tombstone in the garden. It was refusing to stand up properly, so he had to keep bending over to fix it. As he bent over for a fifth time, he heard a rustling in the bushes behind him. "Not funny Tim." Luke said, without even looking up. But the rustling continued. "Tim, cut it out." The rustling was getting more violent. "Alright, i warned ya." Luke punched into the bush. His hand got to the center, hit something furry, and he felt something bite him. "Oww! Oh god damn it!" Luke shouted loudly. Andrew, Kyle, JJ, and Hallie came running over. 
"Luke what happened?" Andrew asked.
"I got bit by something, look!" Luke showed Andrew his forearm, which had a large gash in it that looked like tooth marks. 
"Alright, come with me, lets go was that out, and then we can get you to a hospital." Andrew said. He took his shirt off and wrapped it around Luke's wound. "You guys keep working, he'll be fine."
"Whatever you say boss." Kyle said, shooting Andrew a playful smile. She, JJ, and Hallie went back to work.

Andrew led Luke inside and over to the kitchen sink. He unwrapped his bloodied shirt, and turned on the sink, running Luke's arm under the water.
"So how do you feel?"
"Fine I think... where's the bite mark?"
Andrew looked at Luke confused, and then at his Arm. It looked completely fine, as if it had never been attacked in anyway.
"Are you sure it wasn't your other arm?" Luke raised his other, un-injured arm.
"Wow, thats weird."
"Yeah, your telling me."
The two stood for a second, seeming to think, when they heard another scream from upstairs. A young boys.
"That was Tim."

Andrew and Luke quickly bolted up the stairs. They reached the top and found Tim lying down on the ground, Andy standing over him. 
"Andy what happened?"
"I don't know, I was just putting up some decorations, and then Tim screamed, fell down and clutched his neck."
Andrew pulled Tims small hand away from his neck. He was shaking violently, and Andrew saw two little bite marks on his neck. "Great, that's two hospital runs today."

Andrew and Luke carried Tim downstairs to the living room and laid him down on the couch, Andy followed them. Kyle, JJ, and Hallie came running in through the front door.
"What happened now?"
"Something bit Tim too."
"Oh god."
"Yeah I know, quick get me the phone"

© 2011 Damac

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