Atlantis - Original Outline

Atlantis - Original Outline

A Story by Damac

The Original Outline to my cancelled Series, Atlantis

Welcome to Atlantis Trilogy
Atlantis: Sea of Dreams
The original story involved four siblings, Kate, Andrew, Gabe, and Sean, being swept away by a giant wave while vacationing in Cape Cod. Andrew awakes in a Scientists lab, about to be experimented on by having the genes in his body mutated. He escapes out of the lab, and finds himself lost and alone in what appears to be a massive, abandoned city.

He eventually makes contact with his Sister, Kate, and Brother, Gabe. However he does not find Sean, the youngest of the four. Kate reveals to them that they are in the lost city o Atlantis, only its not some ancient relic, but actually a high tech underwater city, and has been that way for centuries. The three spend most of the story co-ordinating plans for Andrew to carry out, trying to find Sean. Andrew has to deal with citizens of Atlantis, some helpful, but mostly hostile.

It eventually becomes clear that Gabe is hiding something, and has had more control over the situation then he originally let on. He cuts off communications with Andrew and Kate and sends some of Atlantis's mutant soldiers, gifted with powers that ANdrew has learned to use such as throwing fireballs across rooms and such, to kill the two. The Next half of the story involves hunting down Gabe.

The Finale comes as Andrew and Kate descend on Atlantis's town hall. The building with the tallest tower in he city. Andrew and Kate confront Gabe, who is heavily mutated beyond recognition. It is revealed that Gabe has been using Sean as a "Gene Child" who produces more and more genes for Gabe to experiment on, grow, and fuse with his own. Shocked at this betrayl, not only of trust but of Family, Andrew and Kate attack Gabe.

The three get into a frenzy, with Gabe knocking Kate onto her back and burning her skull out using his new found power. Crazed with emotion at the death of his sister, Andrew attacks Gabe  again. The resulting explosions caused by the twos Gene Powers crack several glass windows in the room, and the room slowly floods.

Andrew eventually defeats and mortally wounds Gabe. As Gabe dies Andrew uses one of his Gene powers to absorb Gabes. Gabe reverts back to his non-mutated form thanks to this. Andrew then picks up Sean, and uses his gene powers one last time to float the two of them home in  an air bubble as the room floods.

Atlantis: Redemption
Taking place only a month after the last story, Gabe and Kate are assumed to have drowned at Sea by Andrew and Seans parents. Andrew has spent the entire last month in fear of Atlantis, believing the residents may come to try and take him and Sean back. His fears turn out to be correct, as him and Sean are attacked in their home this time, but not before the Attackers use lightning strikes to kill their parents.

Back in Atlantis, Gabe is resurrected by the amount of replaced genes and cells in his body re-building it and bringing him back to life. He learns that Andrew and Sean have' been re-kidnapped, and sets out to rescue them.

Gabe succeeds in rescuing Andrew but not Sean, who is brought elsewhere in Atlantis, but Andrew is unwilling to accept Gabe for what he has done. But Gabe tells him there is hope that Kate is alive, as her body was removed from the flooded city hall. He believes the scientist may be trying to resurrect her as a way of completing his original plan.

Gabes hunch is right, which leads Andrew to trust him once again, and the two rescue a resurrected and weak Kate. Gabe then says he knows exactly where Sean is, and Andrew and Kate agree to help rescue him. 

The three go to the labs that Andrew woke up in in the original story, where the Scientists releases a mutated and dumbed down Sean on them, nearly identical to Gabe in the first story, except that he has been altered to have no free will and acts on commands. The three defeat Sean, and Andrew turns him back to normal without killing him.

As the four make their escape, Andrew decides to try and destroy Atlantis once and for all. As they run for city hall, intending to climb to the top to shorten their swim to the surface, Andrew uses his gene powers to blow up several windows in hallways and buildings, causing whole sections of Atlantis to flood.

The four escape, and prepare to resume life on the surface world, mutated and orphaned.

Atlantis: The Fall of a City
Two weeks later, the four kids are still living on their own when they are attacked, yet again by the Atlantis citizens and brought down to Atlantis. Andrew wakes up on another Lab table, just like in the first book, but finds he can't escape. The Scientist appears and explains he simply just can't fail again, and carries out the experiment.

All four experiments are successful. Sean becomes a Gene Child, Gabe becomes a living Energy Source, Kate becomes a living security system, and Andrew becomes Sean's personal protector.

Most of the story is of Andrew and Kate plotting their revenge. Sean does not contribute to this plot as the mutations have weakened his young mind, and Gabe doesn't because he is locked up without contact.

In the finale fight, the four perform a four man uprising in Atlantis, which leads to massive firefights in the city streets as they try one last time to push towards the tall tower. Andrew realizes he needs to destroy Atlantis once and for all, so he dives out a broken window and uses an exploding underwater rocket to destroy the cliff face Atlantis sits on, causing it to fall into a nearby trench. Andrew watches as the entire city begins to fall towards him, and makes one final reflection, before disappearing for the rest of the installment.

The other three begin to climb the steps to the tower, but Gabe is shot and willingly stays behind to hold off attackers, even as the whole city starts to flood and tip. Kate gets Sean to the top of the tower, and sends him off towards the surface. She is about to follow him, when a piece of Debris covers the window, preventing her escape.

We then get Seans point of view, watching as the whole city collapses into the trench, bringing all his siblings down with it.

Fall of Atlantis Trilogy

Note: All these stories were planned to take place concurrently with one another.
Atlantis: Wake of Destruction

Andrew awakens under a pile of debris he decides to venture into the wreckage of Atlantis and find his way back out to. The story mostly involves Andrew confronting survivors of Atlantis's destruction.

He moves through several ruined and intact locations of Atlantis, before finally coming across the old Atlantis labs. He enters them, but is electrocuted and knocked unconscious by the Nurse, a minor character in the original trilogy.

Atlantis: Family Ties
About ten minutes after Andrew wakes up, Kate awakens in the ruins of the tower. She initially is going to escape Atlantis, but uses her links with the still intact security system to find discover that Gabe and Andrew are still alive.

Most of Kates story involves traveling through different sections of Atlantis than Andrew, while searching for her two brothers. She suffers the same fate though, being knocked unconscious and kidnapped by the Nurse.

Atlantis: Determination
Just as Andrew is leaving the pile of rubble he woke up in, Gabe awakens and sees Andrew leaving. He rushes towards him, but loses Andrew in the maze of rubble that the ruined city has become. The story is the same as the previous two, Gabe visits different sections of the city trying to find Andrew and is kidnapped by the Nurse in the end.

Finale Story
Atlantis: Hand of Order
Taking place 1 year after the events of the previous trilogy, The Nurse awakens the three siblings and reveals herself not as an enemy, but as a friend. She wants help in permanently destroying Atlantis, because if the don't, it will just be re-built. The three siblings fight through different sections of Atlantis in a final bloody war to end the terror that ripped their family apart.

In the end, the three escape Atlantis. The last shot is from Andrews Point-ofView as he clambers onto the beach of Cape Cod and out of the water. He collapses in front of the silhouette of a young boy, and simply mutters "Sean" as the story ends.

© 2012 Damac

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