My Thorn, Your Sword

My Thorn, Your Sword

A Poem by Dan Cowan

In the bible, Paul claims that he boasts in his weaknesses, for in them God exhibits the wonder of His power. So this poem is me, like Paul, boasting and inviting God to be 'the Power inside my lows'

My God is a mountain
insurmountable by fear
Untouched by worries
Timeless in His years
The writer of my story
His strokes are swift and sure
as He details my accounts
Always leading me back to shore
When I'm lost in the dark
Raking breath and gnashing teeth
All hope is lost
When I have forgotten how to breathe
Peace has donned his cap
and quitted his quiet room
The waters that were so tame
now rapid under a glaring moon
The stutters, the echo of unbelief
This cyclical storm of woe
A selfish lament for all I couldn't be
Taken by a voice that bellows
I'm alone in this world
so says my imposter
Breathing always down my neck
Perverting the hope I foster
This thorn in my side
A maggot in my mind
Gnawing on my thoughts
And seeding despair inside
This weakness is a chain
Binding me to fear
Relentless in aggression
It forever keeps me here
I abhor the maggot that bites my eyes
Spilling gray across my view
Like a cold rain that shivers my spine
It obscures my sight of You
Always returning is this rain
A paroxysm I could do without
But is this weakness truly a fault?
A blemish to rightly propound?
Or is it a pen for the Almighty
to script words of clouting prose
To animate the sluggard within
And be the Power inside my lows
Resurrect me from the dust
Encourage me yet again
In this place, Your will be done
On earth as it is in Heaven

© 2018 Dan Cowan

Author's Note

Dan Cowan
Honestly, no body ever replies one way or the other to my poems, so any feedback at all would be greatly appreciated. Especially in areas that need attention and improvement. Thanks!

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With the same honesty, I'm telling you that I rarely find a poem that I like. And I like yours. Especially this one. This poem sounds like a confession and is empowered by each word. I felt the strength of it. even if you talk about weakness. Thank you!

Posted 1 Year Ago

Dan Cowan

1 Year Ago

No, thank you! You're review was very kind and immensely encouraging! Thank you so much for taking t.. read more
It's good that you expressed your thoughts towards your Maker, The Heavenly Creator of Heaven and Earth. We humans are living proof of God's magnificent creative abilities. I can't help but be in awe of The Lord Creator Almighty.
The Lord wants us to communicate with him; and that also means our communication skills, such as writing, can be used to inspire others.
Because writing, I strongly believe, is such a miraculous, prophetic gift given to us by The Creator.


Posted 1 Year Ago

This is wonderful, I love the flow.

Posted 1 Year Ago

There is a nice flow here it picks up a pace as you read. The words roll smooth without losing the tone. You have a lot of religious reference here. Which is fine depending what you are building.
" I'm alone in this world
so says my imposter
breathing always down my neck
perverting the hope I foster "
These lines come from an emotional place, they provoke a visual that resonate differently I'm sure for each reader. These lines are born from the heart of a poet, never hold back, embrace your impostor and let it rip. Strong write.

Sheer Terror

Posted 1 Year Ago

Wow! This is so good,
I like your style.
love the flow of this write as well.
Awesome! :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

Dan Cowan

1 Year Ago

hey thanks! that's very encouraging to hear!

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Dan Cowan
Dan Cowan

New Castle, PA

I'm not one to play my own violin. Ask and find out more..


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